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Alex Bregman’s Excellent Mexican Adventure

What a weekend. What a future.

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros had a lot of fun this weekend in Mexico, outscoring the Angels 24-6. But Alex Bregman went crazy. He was 5-10, with three home runs, a grand slam, and eight RBI in the two game series. His OPS in the first game was 2.400 and in the Sunday game it was 1.400. I think that averages out to 1.900 for the weekend.

What an excellent adventure.

I checked Bregman’s entire career game log and never found a two game sequence in which he hit three home runs or had as many as eight RBI.

He did have another two game stretch that approaches this one in audacity. On June 26-27, 2018 against Toronto, Bregman was 7-10, with two home runs and four RBI. His OPS was 2.500 for the two games.

As Scotty said in yesterday’s recap, Bregman is muy caliente. This is exactly the opposite to how Bregman has started every other season in his career. In 2017, by May 5th his wRC+ was 94. He finished the season at 123. In 2018, By May 5, 2018 his wRC+ was 111. He finished the season at 157.

Here’s another interesting take on Bregman’s first six weeks.

As of tonight, May 5th, his wRC+ is 160. Can he really finish 30 points higher than that? People who have bet against Bregman before have been proven wrong every time. Projections expect Bregman to hit wRC+ 142 this year. Given his tendencies to improve as the season continues, given his rock solid contact and pitch selection skills, can anyone imagine how he will get worse as the season continues? No, even further improvement is indicated, as impossible as this sounds.

Every year many are the fans and prognosticators who predict “regression” from Bregman. This means a worse season than the previous one, like all the projection services did this year. This is meaningless when it comes to Alex Bregman. Regression means reverting to a mean or average pattern of performance. Bregman at age 25 just keeps getting better every year on an arithmetic scale. We don’t know what regression means for Alex Bregman because apparently he still hasn’t hit his mean.

And this team also has Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer and Michael Brantley.