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Predict June’s W-L & Run Differential Competition

As if the Championship belt wasn’t enough - Josh Reddick added a player of the game robe


I remember in the days of the message board, there would be a monthly thread in which people would enter predictions on record (W-L) and a number of runs scored / allowed. It was a fun process, with all of us keeping track through out the month looking at who was most accurate to date.

So I figured we could start it here, with each month, the winner being highlighted in the following month’s post.

The winner will be determined by the closest on W-L. In the event of a tie on W-L, we will award it to who was closest on Run Differential (you can just put in a +/- Run Differential if you don’t want to spell out runs scored - runs allowed.

Let’s take a look at our June competition

RS/G means Runs Scored per Game and RA/G means Runs Allowed per game.

Athletics (2 games) - 29-27 - 5.0 RS/G - 4.4 RA/G

Mariners (4 games) - 24-34 - 5.1 RS/G - 6.0 RA/G

Orioles (3 games) - 17-39 - 4.0 RS/G - 6.0 RA/G

Brewers (2 games) - 31-25 - 4.9 RS/G - 4.6 RA/G

Blue Jays (3 games) - 21-35 - 3.8 RS/G - 4.7 RA/G

Reds (3 games) - 26-30 - 4.4 RS/G - 3.8 RA/G

Yankees (4 games) - 36-19 - 5.4 RS/G - 4.0 RA/G

Pirates (3 games) - 27-27 - 4.1 RS/G - 5.2 RA/G

Mariners (3 games) - 24-34 - - 24-34 - 5.1 RS/G - 6.0 RA/G

Totals - 27 Games

11 Games vs (teams over .500) vs 16 Games vs (teams under .500) - 40.7% Over .500 (With 2 games against the Brewers, it’s very possible that the Pirates slip back under .500 before the month officially starts which would reduce it to 8 games and 29.6%)

In addition to just the W-L and Run Differential, put in a fun prediction - these are not counted in the scoring - make them crazy and fun! If you have any recommendations to improve this for next month, please feel free to add them! Predictions must be in before the first pitch of the month!


Prediction: 10-17, 105 Runs Scored, 145 Runs Allowed

Fun Predictions: Gurriel goes on an absolute tear, hitting .400 for the month with 10 home runs. People start wearing pineapple hair hats and MMP institutes a new special on Pina Colada’s every time Gurriel gets an RBI.

Previous Month’s Champions:

April: Brian Cohn (HH)

May: Wulaw Horn

June: Could be you