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3 Discussion Topics

MLB: Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports


TOPIC 1 - Are you superstitious? If so, what superstitions do you personally have?

Baseball is probably one of the most superstitious games in the world. With no-one daring to mention no-hitters, perfect games, etc. (Okay, let’s be honest, someone ALWAYS mentions it). From a TCB perspective - there’s the curse of the Cohn - if I write about someone, they’re basically DFA material. And we had Craig Biggio in the broadcaster’s booth the other day and going through some of his ridiculous superstitions. Tell us about if you believe in them, and if you have any personal ones!

Here’s an article that has a list of what they view as the top 50 Baseball superstitions of all time.

TOPIC 2 - Who do you want the Astros to get in the draft? If you don’t know prospective picks, would you prefer selection for need (say a Catcher) or BPA (Best Player Available)?

We have some amazing resources at TCB - Spencer has had draft profiles of the following, which I’d highly recommend as we get closer to draft day:

Josh Wolf

Quinn Priester

Keone Cavaco

JJ Goss

Nick Lodolo

Kameron Misner

Daniel Espino

The Astros have a limited bonus pool to play with, and’s most recent mock draft has them taking J. J. Goss saying he’s the third best high school arm and has plenty of play in his 6’3 frame as he adds strength.

We’ll have quite a few more articles in regards to the draft coming up but I figure this is a good way to get some of the conversations started.

Topic 3 - Do you believe there should be an international draft?

There’s 2 parts to this that I think are warranted for discussion. First is the International players draft overall. This has been an on-going discussion for years. About two weeks ago, it was reported that the MLBPA condemned the MLB’s push for an international draft in a “bombshell memo” which wttspod had reported as saying:

  1. The entry of amateur players (international or domestic) is subject to the labor agreement. MLB has no authority to unilaterally implement a draft and is required to negotiate with the MLBPA regarding any changes to the current international system. The Player’s Association is not in agreement with these proposed changes nor have they been informed by MLB of any changes to date.
  2. The MLBPA has been informed that organizations have come to agreements with international players aged 13 and 14 years old, a violation of the current agreement.
  3. After denying this over the years, MLB is now using this to justify an International Draft system.

A second aspect, which is in the news today, was in regards to Cuban players defecting and coming to the MLB. As you know, there was some waves early in the year when it appeared likely that players from Cuba would be able to sign directly with the MLB with some of the embargos lifted, and MLB negotiating with the Cuban Baseball Federation with the intention of reducing the trafficking of players. Truthfully, this deal would have greatly benefited the MLB owners as the cost of players who defect to other countries do not have their salaries depressed in the same way. Ultimately, that was shot down due to the Cuban ties between government and the Cuban Baseball Federation.

News came out today in the Washington Post that the Dodgers, Braves, and Padres have received subpoenas seeking records in regards to their dealings with Cuban Players. (Nationals Voluntarily turned over their documents, and there are some interesting notes on the Yankees and Rangers as well)

What are your thoughts on the issue? (Please try to keep this as non-political as possible)