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Proof that Ron Kulpa was Biased Against the Astros

In last night’s game Ron Kulpa missed fourteen calls against the Astros and five against the Rangers. So says Pitch F/X.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Credit to one of our stellar TCBer’s, Mr Boognish for providing this data. Below are two graphs from Brooks Baseball, which provides data from Pitch F/X, showing the balls and strikes from last night’s game in Arlington (4/3/19). Remember, a ball touching the line is a strike.

“Looking at the Brooks Baseball pitch charts, Astros hitters saw NINE pitches outside the zone called strikes compared to the Rangers hitters, only three. Astros pitchers had FIVE pitches inside the zone called balls, compared to the Rangers pitchers, only two. That’s just ridiculous, how do you explain the discrepancies?”

This is a link to a Boston CBS account of the incident