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Results on last week’s poll who fans think will be AL MVP and direction of the Astros

Astros fans still approve of the job of manager AJ Hinch, Bregman a leading early vote getter for MVP.

MLB: Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays
Fanpulse voters said Bregman was third most likely to be MVP this year
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In week two of Fanpulse Astros fans continue to show unanimous support for AJ Hinch, although there was a slight erosion is support for the direction of the team, from 100% support to 97%. After the current slow start it will be interesting to see how that number looks next week.

Fans predicted that Mike Trout would be MVP, with Mookie Betts and our own Alex Bregman bringing up second and third places in the balloting.