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Astros Open Forum: Tell us Your Favorite Spring Training Experiences

Many of us fans have gone to Spring Training. Many of us, like yours truly, have not. You lucky ones, please share your best Spring Training experiences on Fanposts to us poor shmucks who have never had the chance to go.

“Just Wait’ll Next Year.”

The annual mantra of the Brooklyn Dodgers. A perennial exercise in futility. Until 1955, when next year finally arrived, and the Dodgers beat the New York Yankees in seven games in the World Series. It was their only championship while playing in Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field.

After “earning it” in 2017 with their own first ever World Championship, the Astros went into 2018 promising to “Never Settle.” But settle they did, losing to the Boston Red Sox in five games in the 2018 ALCS.

“Just wait’ll next year.”

Well, next year is almost here! With a new slogan, “Take it Back.”

As they say, hope springs eternal. Pitchers and catchers begin this quest, reporting for Spring Training Thursday, February 14th. Position players report Tuesday February 19th. The first game is in two weeks, Saturday February 23rd.

We at TCB intend to keep you fully abreast of developments as they unfold during Spring Training.

But we at TCB have a request of you, dear readers. We are asking for those of you who have experienced Spring Training to share your experiences. You can write a short story, a paragraph, stream of consciousness, even just a sentence or a phrase. Be creative. Or not. You can relate your whole experience, or just an interesting anecdote. One more thing we ask though, is that you post your story in Fanposts. We would love to take your experiences and post them front page, exposed to the World Wide Web. It’s fun. Try it.