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Astros Crawfish Potluck: November 9th, 2019

Start your weekend by telling us some of the best Astros links around

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there everyone. Another week in the offseason and I already can’t wait until Spring Training starts again. I think I’m going to stick with the open forum style for the potluck and throw out some questions once again, which I may adopt permanently. As always, people should feel free to bring in a link they think is awesome and talk some baseball and ‘Stros this weekend.

Anyways, here are some questions to get you through your weekend:

  1. Did Bregman do enough to snatch the AL MVP out from under Mike Trout?
  2. Everyone’s talking about pitching, but are there any big bats you’d like to see on the Astros next season?
  3. Which minor league player in AA or lower do you think is most likely to debut in 2020?

Have at it everyone, and try to enjoy another cold, non-baseball weekend!