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All My Children: Front Office Changes for the Crane and Ryan Families

Front Offices changes a go-go with new roles for Jared Crane and Reid Ryan, a departure of Nolan Ryan, and a possible additional movement in Jeff Luhnow’s staff.

Divisional Round - Cleveland Indians v Houston Astros - Game One Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

A slurry of front office changes have been announced today by the Houston Astros, which will be reported here in Twitter format, the best format a blue colored bird has to offer, courtesy of Jake Kaplan, Chandler Rome, Brian McTaggart, Mark Berman and Ken Rosenthal.

Front Office Role Changes for Reid Ryan and Jared Crane

Reid Ryan is no longer the President of Business Operations. He is now Executive Advisor, Business Relations.

This comes simultaneously as Jared Crane, son of owner Jim Crane, is appointed to help Jim run the team’s business operations.

And while Senior Crane was helping Junior Crane, at what seems to be the expense of Junior Ryan, Senior Ryan does not seem happy about it. Nolan Ryan will no longer be an executive advisor to the owner, and will not be back with the club.

Assistant GM? Assistant to the GM? Whatever Your Pick, They Are Going Fast

Elsewhere in the Front Office, already down one Assistant GM with the dismissal of Brandon Taubman, the other remaining Assistant GM Pete Putila may also be departing. The San Francisco Giants are considering him for their GM position.

Less than a week ago, Special Assistant to the GM Oz Ocampo also announced his departure from the organization.

Here is some reading music to set the mood, as we make sense of all this: