Taking a Swing at Astros Upcoming Player Decisions

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 season gives way to 26-man possibilities!

Let's dive right into who the Astros will likely offer contracts for, and retain.

Jake Marisnick, lives in Houston and neighbors of teammates...similar to Adam Dunn, may find his career on the road soon. At $3.25M in arbitration, the Astros might need to save that money on replacements in outfielders Straw, Tucker, part-time Alvarez (and others).

Joe Biagini, a veteran reliever with team-control will likely be a casualty cost of $1.25M. The question is: if he's a problem, who is his solution? Bryan Abreu, Javier, Armenteros at league minimums.

Aaron Sanchez will be out most of 2020 is the early report. His price tag is north of $5.5M.

Chris Devenski will be 29, and would likely arbitrate for $2M, has 2 yrs of control. He will be one of the toughest choices to face, because he will come into Spring Training in perfect shape, eat innings, show exemplary character. Like Peacock, he will accept any assignment with vigor, and will constantly be making adjustments. If they're the problem, are there other solutions? I think we can dig deeper into the farm, or execute on a trade we may have liked at deadline.

Aledmys Diaz looks like a great fit, and will be another tough decision based on his relatively low cost. Abraham Toro cannot play SS, however Straw and Bregman can in the event that Correa needs rest. Filling in at 1B, and his potential to play OF -- I think I would spend the money here given the team's dynamic and culture.

Astros will obviously be trying to pay Correa, Springer and McCullers what is feasible.

In order to have some flexibility, the Astros will likely entertain offers for Josh Reddick. What would it take to get his contract evened-out; or what other teams have similar obligations they want to get out from underneath?

And lastly, Roberto Osuna. What to do here?