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Astros Crawfish Boil: November 13th, 2019

Start your morning with some of the best Astros links around

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Houston Astros
Secrets secrets, are no fun, secrets secrets, hurt someone
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Astros News

Mike Fiers had some startling accusations about the Astros stealing signs in 2017 and I’m just so tired of being sad about baseball (The Athletic, $$$)
And now MLB and the Astros organization will both be investigating (
Here is an excellent article that breaks down the accusations and evidence (Astros County)
In non-controversy news, will teams emulate the Astros and Nats by building a winning strategy based on starting pitching? (AP News)
Yordan Alvarez has endured separation from almost every member of his family for his dreams of playing in the majors (La Vida Baseball)
Here’s how the front office shake ups will affect the product on the field (Houston Sportsmap)

Around the League

Rocco Baldelli from the Twins and Mike Schildt from the Cardinals are the 2019 AL and NL Managers of the Year (Houston Chronicle)
Tonight comes the Cy Young winners, so let’s have a look at the various candidates (
How much of a benefit do pitchers get from a “clean inning?” (FanGraphs)
The time might be now for the Indians to move Francisco Lindor (
Gabe Kapler will be taking his gun show to the West Coast as the Giants’ new manager (MLB Trade Rumors)
Just a cool little article about the baseball card market from 60 years ago (Sports Collectors Daily)