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Astros Crawfish Potluck: October 5th, 2019

Start your morning by telling us some of the best links around

Divisional Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Houston Astros - Game One Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Well things went more or less according to plan as Astros Ace Justin Verlander handled the Rays quite easily to allow Houston to go up 1-0 in the ALDS. This turn of events is good news considering that the winner of the first game in a division series is more likely to advance, historically speaking. Things don’t get any easier for the Rays since they will now have to face Astros Other-Ace Gerrit Cole in tonight’s game. Hopefully that translates to another victory as I’m sure the Astros would prefer to head to the Trop with 2 wins under their belt considering how oddly inconsistent the team can be there.

As for the other games yesterday, the Yankees poured it on in the middle to late innings and took game 1 of their division series from the Twins 10-4. Meanwhile, the Nationals and Braves both turned the tables on their opponents and managed to even up both NLDS series at 1 game apiece.

More playoff baseball on the way tonight, with the Astros getting stuck with the late game at 8:07 local thanks to the Jankees also playing tonight. In the meantime, let’s get the crawfish boiling and see some of those links!


  1. You, the well traveled and informed TCB reader, find an Astros or MLB or general baseball article or news story on the interwebz.
  2. Post the story and link in the comments.
  3. ??????

I want a good turnout and We all want to read stuff that other people are finding, so let’s get cracking.

I’ll update the body text below with the story links you submit and credit the user who brought it to Show and Tell.