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Astros Crawfish Boil: October 25th, 2019

Start your morning with some of the best Astros links around

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2019 World Series Workout Day Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

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Astros News

Game 3 is on tap for tonight and it all centers around the Astros’ big trade deadline acquisition, Zack Greinke (NBC Sports)
Who can swing a hot back at bat at times, presenting an interesting dilemma for Hinch (
Another dilemma is whether or not Alvarez will play the field in an NL park (
Being down 0-2 is not insurmountable, and here’s how the Astros can dig their ways out (
But it all comes down to winning Game 3 and flipping the script (Texas Sports Nation, $$$)
And the Astros are confident that if anyone can get it done it’s them (USA Today)
Here’s why the Astros decided to issue their first intentional walk all year (Sports Illustrated)
So just how many future hall of famers will be on the field tonight? (ESPN)
The Astros have officially fired Brandon Taubman (MLB Trade Rumors)
And Astros County had some thoughts on the statement concerning his departure (Astros County)
4 Astros have been nominated for Gold Gloves this year (Houston Chronicle)
Good Guy Hinch has been helping combat veterans around Houston (AP News)

Around the League

Joe Girardi will be managing the Phillies next season (MLB Trade Rumors)
Rob Drake has apologized for his tweet calling for a second Civil War* (Sporting News)
Brian Cashman didn’t “pass” on all those people the Yankees passed on (

*No politics in the comment section, I will hide/ban anyone who gets into it.