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Strategic Questions for Game 2

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There are general questions (will Bregman break out?) and strategic questions. Who really knows the answer to the former? Here are some of the latter questions to consider:

  • Will the Astros use the same patient approach with Strasburg? The Astros got to the Nats bullpen in the 6th, but the Corbin bridge was just enough. Corbin won’t pitch tonight. What’s the strategy to get to Hudson/Doolittle? If the Astros get down 2-0 early, will Altuve and co. try to jump first-pitch fastballs, and allow Strasburg to keep his pitch count low?
  • Will Alvarez stay in the #7 spot? He looked totally overmatched in his one big spot, but got on three times. Correa hasn’t been much better in the postseason.
  • Did Tucker entice Hinch? He looked really smooth at the dish and on the base paths. Does starting Tucker reek of desperation? And will the Nats have a plan for him?
  • Speaking of plans, what’s the plan with Soto? After getting blown away in the first, he hit everything everywhere (fastballs up, off speed down). Can the nerds find a hole in that swing? Do they start pitching around him?
  • How long of a leash does JV get? The BP is rested and they have a day off on Thursday. I think I know the answer, but the second guessers will be out if a laboring JV surrenders a lead in the 6th.
  • Do the Astros push things on the base paths? Does Hinch play it aggressively, or does he opt for patience?

What do you think Hinch and Luhnow are discussing now? What decisions are they mapping out right now in the Nerd Cave?