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Dreaded Discomfort: Ryan Pressly Injury Update.

League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I’m sure everyone saw it, but for anyone who didn’t - here’s the play where it occurs. Pressly fielding a ground clearly tweaks and looks to be dragging his leg as he hops, his face grimaced in pain.

It was announced that Pressly had been removed due to “knee discomfort”. Discomfort... the kryptonite to the perfect team. While we never know how serious discomfort is, it looked bad as he grimmaced and dragged his knee behind him.

After the game, this is what Pressly told Brian McTaggart:

“Not really concerned anymore,” Pressly said. “I went to go grab the ground ball and when I pushed off to go grab it, I felt a pop in my knee. I went and got it checked out and it’s just some scar tissue we think just broke off. It was more scary than anything.””

It was later announced that a piece of scar tissue in Pressly’s knee had ripped, which was expected but he would be good to go for game 1.

Here was Pressly’s commentary on the injury:

““Just some scar tissue that broke off,’’ he said. “It was bound to happen at some point. I just didn’t think it was going to happen in the middle of that game. I’ll be good and ready to go next week.’’”

Our feeling here is he wouldn’t have been able to pitch tomorrow,” Astros president of baseball operations and general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “We’ll see how he is tomorrow, but there’s a pretty decent chance he’ll be able to go on Tuesday, and that’s really what’s important right now.” assumes Chris Devenski would be called on to replace Pressly if the injury is more serious than expected.