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Zack Greinke: Another Astro profile in courage (and other passing thoughts on the Astros scene)

MLB: ALCS-Houston Astros at New York Yankees Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Is Karma real? I guess we’ll find out by Sunday, but if it is, the series shouldn’t even last that long. So many Yankees fans seem to be possessed by some dark entity. Booing their own players. Cheering when Astros batters are hit or almost hit, chanting F%*# Altuve in unison. (I mean, how can a person with even a sparkle of goodness hate Jose Altuve?) Throwing things near our players, and this, the darkest of all.

Who would even think to gain an advantage for your team by taunting an opposing player in this way? Taunting someone you suspect might be somewhat unstable in order to put them over the top so your team can win? And of those few diabolical enough to conceive such a plan, how many would actually have the pure hate to carry it out?

This kind of bullying is outrageous when carried out by children in a school yard. But for grown adults it is purely demonic.

I love sports. I love baseball. I love the Astros. But’s let’s never forget, in the end, it’s just a game. It’s supposed to be fun, and it’s supposed to bring out what’s noble and what’s best in our natures, not the worst.

Is this what happens to your team when the fans sell their souls?

2. Zack Greinke is becoming one of my favorite Astros. It is a team notable for having core players who overcame great hardships to attain their success. But maybe none more than Zack Greinke, who actually had to leave baseball for a year to deal with his psychological issues.

The picture above of Greinke standing alone amid the taunts of haters shows courage I cannot imagine. I think it did get to him some, and it might have had something to do with his three walks in the first inning. But he overcame his doubts and fears and pitched brilliantly.

To the haters I say, what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. Zack Greinke’s courage is stronger than your hate.

In the last Starting Nine I said a key to the series would be winning one of Greinke’s starts. Check that one off. Thank you Zack. When the Astros win their second World Series, we will remember this day and your perseverance; in baseball... and in life.

Zack Greinke is good karma.

3. On the bright side, there was this. C.C. Sabathia got injured during the game, meaning he probably has pitched the last game in his Hall of Fame career. That’s not the bright side. The bright side is this response.

Baseball will miss you too C. C.

4. When the Astros first joined the American League, how many of you thought that they would never win an American League Title with such opponents as the Yankees and Red Sox to beat. Be honest. I’ll admit it, I never thought they would.

5. Carlos Correa and George Springer have both hit homers in the same playoff game six times, resulting in six victories. That’s a record. Carlos Correa and George Springer belong in Astros uniforms for many more years. Don’t break up the brotherhood. (Bregs and Altuve too, but they’re already locked up)

6. The umpire really was bad last night. Many of you probably saw this on the Recap thread, but if not:

I started taking screen shots from the MLB App

Showing pitches that weren’t even borderline that were called incorrectly.
5th inning 2-0 pitch to Judge middle middle, Ball
5th inning 1-2 pitch to Encarnacion, inside corner, Ball
7th inning 0-0 pitch to Altuve, a full 1/3 of the zone above the letters, Strike
7th inning 1-1 pitch to Hicks, outside corner upper third, Ball
8th inning 0-0 pitch to Urshela, middle, outside third (not on corner), Ball
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For the youngsters out there, that robot is from the 60’s TV show Lost in Space. Yes, I watched it religiously when it first came out. The robot’s most famous line was “Danger Will Robinson, Danger.” Do the Yankees have a player named Will Robinson? The Astros have one named Will Smith.

Go Stros