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Correa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walks off Game 2 of ALCS with 11th inning homer. Astros over Yankees 3-2

Series goes to Bronx tied 1-1

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

How often have we heard this. Correa is soft. Correa gets hurt as often as a baby. Correa will never get out of his slump. Correa thinks he’s Hollywood. Correa’s fiance’ is a bad influence. Trade Correa for anything you can get.

Tonight the Astros’ season was hanging by a thread. Once again the offense failed to produce, and after 10 innings the score was still 2-2. If the Astros had lost tonight and had to go to New York down 2-0, you might as well kiss the season good-bye. Hell, we might even have to consider a re-build.

Tonight Carlos Correa saved the Astros season. In an 11 inning game with a final score of 3-2; in a game when the Astros lineup was again conspicuously incompetent; in a game when Astros hitters hit 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position; it was Carlos Correa with two RBI. It was Carlos Correa smashing the game-winning, walk-off homer to send the Yankees back home with their heads hanging low, suddenly doubting themselves.

Not only that, Carlos saved a run with one of the most intelligent and athletic fielding plays you’ll ever see. Dare I say it was Jeter-esque?

The following video doesn’t show the beginning of this play. How a grounder caromed off of Jose Altuve, so you don’t see how aware and quick Carlos was to react. What you see is his 50 calibre throwing arm gunning down DJ LeMahieu at home, keeping the score at 2-2.

When I said that the Astros were only 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position, of course it was Correa who had the one. It was a second inning double that scored Alex Bregman and ended a 10 inning scoring drought for the Astros in the ALCS.

Here is the homer that saved the Astros’ season.

You know, there may be just a little Hollywood in Carlos after all.

Amid the Carlos mania, let us not forget the other heroes of this game.

Again, Justin Verlander gave everything, and gave in not at all, squashing the relentless Yankees lineup for 6.2 innings, allowing only a two-run Aaron Judge homer while striking out seven.

And George Springer, along with Correa, showed signs of waking up from his hitting slumber, tying the score at two with his fifth inning monster shot homer to left center field.

And the supposed weakness of the Astros compared to the Yankees, the bullpen, was flawless for 4.1 innings, holding the Bombers scoreless. Yes, they have names: Will Harris, Roberto Osuna, Joe Smith, Ryan Pressly (he did not get an out), and the winning pitcher, Josh James, who struck out slugger Gary Sanchez looking with two on and two out, after a very long sequence with numerous foul balls.

After a stellar performance last night, we may be witnessing in James the maturing and blossoming of a very talented arm into a real major league pitcher.

Then Carlos came up and hit J Happ’s first pitch in the bottom of the 11th deep into the right field seats to put the Astros again in the driver’s seat in this series, and reignite that exuberant Astros spirit that has seemed so lacking so far this post-season.

Game three is Tuesday. Gerrit Cole faces Luis Severino. (Gerrit Cole, that’s why I say we’re in the drivers seat, in case you were wondering)

Box score and videos HERE.