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TCB Geniuses Predict the Astros Five in Baseball America’s List of Top 100 Prospects (link included)

It’s not the theory of relativity after all.

Baseball America announced their Top 100 Prospects for 2019, including five Astros prospects, Forrest Whitley at #5, Kyle Tucker at #12, Yordan Alvaez at #34, Josh James at #77, and Corbin Martin at #78.

Six TCB geniuses correctly picked these five in the proper order. They are:







The winner of the TCB Einstein award for picking the five closest to the way BA picked them is Houston Bill, whose picks were off by only a total of 24 points. What separated him from the pack was his relatively low rating for Corbin Martin at #81, only three points higher than the surprising #78 awarded by BA. Every other prognosticator on this list had Martin placed in the nineties. Oddly, HoustonBill was the only prognosticator in this list to miss on pick 1, placing Whitley at #6 instead of #5.

Honorable mention to Darth Grendel, who missed by only 27 points, but was within seven in all picks 1-4.

See the picks here.