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Astros beat Red Sox for the 7th Straight (5-3)

The Astros are streaking!

The clash of the titans, the two AL heavy-weights in a September battle that had the October play off feel. Both teams leading their respective division, came in for the second game of what could be a preview of the ALCS.

Last night was an amazing game especially since the Astros came away victorious. Today, the Astros wanted to make sure that they took the game up a notch, despite the Red Sox having the “momentum”.

Charlie Morton came back after his quick 10-day DL stint, which appears simply to be to give him rest before the play-offs. It was time to see if he had come back in true CFM form.

The first inning Morton ran into trouble, giving up a few hits, and ultimately a run on a Bogaerts single.

In the second, Down 1-0, the Astros started their come back, with Correa showing some life and hitting a double. The Great White Shark sensing blood in the water, hit his third triple of the year, to tie the game. Jake from Rake farm hit a solid sacrifice fly, scoring White from third. Astros lead 2-1.

Morton held the Red Sox scoreless over the next 2 innings.

In the third, Bregman decided it was time to hit his 30th, blasting a shot over the Green Monster for a 351 ft home run, and what is a Bregman homer without the stare. Astros extend the lead to 3-1.

In the 4th, Maldonado was visually upset about an outside pitch that was called a strike. So what does he do? Hammers the next pitch over the wall for his 9th home run of the year, about 10 feet away from Julia. Yuli sent a sacrifice fly out, scoring Springer, Astros lead 5-1.

This would be the end for Eduardo Rodriguez, pitching 3.1 IP, 5 ER. He had given up 1 run in his previous 4 outings (22.2 IP). Always great to wear out the bullpen with another game to go.

In the 5th, Morton’s pitch count starting catching up with him. He left a mistake pitch to Bogaerts, which Bogaerts punished hitting his 21st homer of the year, cutting the lead to 5-2. Morton finished his night after 5 IP, 2 ER, and 3 Strikeouts.

Then the Astros put in Josh James for his first relief outing. And he came out firing, in 2.2 innings, he was absolutely filthy, striking out 5, and only allowing 1 hit and 0 BB’s.

Pressly came in for 1 out, got the strike out and walked away like it was nothing.

Then came the 9th, Osuna came in to close out the game. It was not his cleanest outing, but he was able to close it out for the save, giving up 1 run, but closing out the game with a double play when the tying runs were on base.

This game had everything you could want.

If you’re a fan of Charlie Morton – he pitched a great game against one of the toughest offenses.

If you’re a fan of White – he continued to mash with a triple and a walk.

If you’re a fan of the sparkplug – Kemp – He had a solid 2-4 game.

If you’re a fan of Josh James – he was absolutely dominant his first relief outing.

If you’re a fan of Jake Marisnick – he saved 3 runs with a 5-star play in center, and a sacrifice fly.

If you’re a fan of La Pina – he had a webgem play and a sacrifice fly.

Oh and the stands were FILLED with Astros fans. For the second night in a row, LETS GO ASTROS overpowered the stadium.

The list just goes on and on....

Bregman’s home run today, makes him the youngest player ever to hit 30 home runs for the Astros.

SEVEN STRAIGHT!!!! Astros are streaking!