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STOP! It’s Hammer Introduction Time!!

Well, I know quite a few of you had commented on Bilbo’s article, but I figured it was time to put up an official introduction post.

So about me? Well I’m a 30 (about to be 31 in 3 weeks) – starting to feel like an old man. I’m a General Manager for an Engineering firm, currently taking my MBA. I played baseball all throughout school, playing Pitcher and 2nd base. I grew up in the New York area, which meant every person I knew was a Yankees fan.

Why the Astros? Well as a little leaguer in 1994, I made the All-Star team at 2nd base. (I know basically a HOF career). I went to an Astros game, and had a chance to “meet” Craig Biggio. Now this was all of about 30 seconds, and he said something along the lines of - “Keep it up and you can play for the Astros one day”. Boom … 7 year old me, decided to align myself with the Astros. Plus who doesn’t love an underdog, especially when every person you know roots for the Yankees.

While my playing career didn’t result in me taking over for Craig Biggio on his retirement, it lead me to a true continued love of baseball. I would become a more and more avid fan. I soon realized that most of the people who followed baseball had it as a passing interest and followed the local team but nothing more. Hungry for more, I looked online, and found the official Astros message board, where I was exposed to a ton of new and interesting ideas. I continued to look around and found a great community in The Crawfish Boxes.

The Astros have been tied to my heart, from the days of Biggio and Bagwell, making it to the play offs, buying into Drayton’s “Championship” speeches, watching Clemens, Oswalt and Pettitte drive us to the play-offs to unfortunately get swept in the World Series.

Then the sale happened. Luhnow took over, I watched the team that I loved get disassembled, and the torched earth approach of rebuilding. I bought in early, the MLB games were near unwatchable, but between TCB and the Astros forum, there was this amazing community. There was almost no drama, bickering, or upset comments (other than occasional Crane being cheap discussion). I learned something new every day. Nicholas Tropeano was the first prospect I followed throughout the minors all the way to the majors (still hurts that we traded him for a back-up catcher).

The community here helped me learn about advanced statistics. Every day, I learned a bit more, and with an Engineering background, a lot of analysis came as second nature. Now, I don’t claim to know everything, but I truly enjoy the continued learning.

My goal is to give back to the community that his given me so much. As you’ve probably noticed in my articles, I like to try to explore deeply into a topic, but try to encourage discussion within the comments more than the article being a dissertation teaching everyone. I try to do a very high level description of the advanced stats for those who don’t know them. I ask that you challenge me, talk about different stats, theories. The debate is the fun part, and I don’t take any offense to it. We have an incredible community here that I’m hoping to assist under Bilbo’s leadership to continue to grow. If you have a topic you’d like me to write-up, feel free to ask!

None the less, thank you everyone for having me as a writer here – I’m looking forward to doing everything I can to contribute.