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A Re-Introduction

Remember me? I’m back and better than ever, ready to help build Crawfish Boxes’ new direction. Here are some details on how I plan to do so.

It’s a pleasure to write this post- I am happy to announce that I will be joining Bill’s team here at TCB to resume regular Astros-focused minor league and draft content, and branch out into more major league analysis. While my contributions to the site have been sporadic for quite awhile now, new leadership has me very excited about the potential to return to the TCB glory days and I will be posting biweekly pieces covering a range of topics starting soon, including offseason draft coverage that will ramp up as next June approaches.

For those newer to the site who don’t remember my past work, I am a lifelong Astros fan and Houston area native currently residing in Medford, MA, and a graduate of Northeastern University. Though baseball has been a passion of mine since early childhood, discovering the world of prospecting during my high school years gave me an even greater appreciation for the game, and turned my passion into an obsession. I began writing for TCB as a freshman in college in late 2012, and was a part of our oustanding draft coverage in the few years that followed. As my college education continued and demanded more of my time, my writing output slowed to a halt, but I’ve nonetheless stayed on top of goings-on at all levels of the game. Now, with ample time to commit and excitement about the site’s direction, I am ready to cover all levels of Astros at as high a volume as I ever have in the past.

As for what precisely I plan to write, my past work is a good indication of what to expect. Draft profiles will certainly figure heavily into my output, as will updates on prospect trends and young players making the transition to the major leagues. Trade analysis is another topic I always enjoy covering when possible, and I hope to do some major league analysis in the near future, most likely focusing on individual player performance as I do with minor league and amateur content. I may look at writing wide-angle looks at some player evaluation concepts at some point as well if I feel I can do the subject justice.

It’s great to be back, and I look forward to being a part of one the best blogs on the network again. See you in the comments!