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The Astros Are 2018 AL West Champions

Magic number is Zero as A’s lose to Mariners in 11th inning walk-off.

MLB: Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Taking the first step towards becoming the first franchise in Major League baseball since the 2000 to repeat as World Champions, the Houston Astros have won their second straight AL West Division Title. Last night the Astros won their 100th game over the Toronto Blue Jays but did not clinch until the Seattle Mariners defeated the Oakland A’s in an eleven inning walk-off win.

Here is the Astros’ reaction to becoming champions.

Are the Astros a dynasty? Here’s what CBS News had to say:

While the Red Sox have the better win-loss record, the case can be made the Astros have been the best team in baseball this season. They have the best run differential in baseball (plus-264), and their ratio of runs scored to runs allowed is among the best since World War II:

  1. 1969 Orioles: 1.5068
  2. 2018 Astros: 1.5067
  3. 1948 Indians: 1.48
  4. 1954 Indians: 1.48
  5. 2001 Mariners: 1.48

Or This from Sporting news:

The Astros are the first defending champion since 1990 to make 100 wins the next season.

World Series letdown?

Hell no. Not these guys.

Astros fans, buckle up. It’s gonna be another wild ride to Championship.