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Ken Giles Blames Astros

Enjoys Pitching with the sub .500 Blue Jays more than with a World Series Champion

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Giles claimed in an interview with NBC sports that in his tenure with the Astros he felt “trapped,” and that he is much more comfortable with his new team, the Blue Jays whom the Astros play tonight.

Here is the main quote:

“I’m actually enjoying the game more than I did for my entire tenure in Houston. It’s kind of weird to say that because I won a World Series with that team. But it’s like, I just felt trapped there. I didn’t feel like myself there. Overall, I felt out of place.”

Giles also said “the communication was lost” with the Astros and it was something that came easy with the Jays. He said, “When I came here, they stayed patient with me. I said hey, I want to work on this thing till I’m comfortable. All right. OK, I’m comfortable, let’s move on to this next thing. Pitching, you can’t just try to fix everything at once. For me, I had to take baby steps to get my groove back. The Jays allowed me to do that. Yeah, the team was out of contention, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still my career. I still have to prove myself. Them being so patient with me, understanding what I want to do, was very, very big.”

Did Ken Giles actually appear in the World Series? I don’t remember.

Since his trade to Toronto, Giles has a 4.58 ERA, just slightly better than it was with the Astros, but peripherals that are actually worse, for example a 4.80 FIP, more than 2.6 runs higher than it was when he left the Astros.

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