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Cause it’s 1..2....3 Astros facts are out



1.) 529 Strikeouts

Justin Verlander (269) and Gerrit Cole (260) combined for the 529 strikeouts so far this season. This is the most ever for the 1-2 combo of the Astros. The last time any team had 2 pitchers with 250+ strikeouts each was Randy Johnson / Curt Schilling in 2002.

2.) The Astros have struck out 1,580 batters this season.

That’s the most in the majors, outpacing the Yankees by 80. Which is impressive in itself, but if they get 35 strike outs total in the next 11 games, they will break the record for the most strike-outs as a team in the history of baseball!

3.) Batters have a 19.6% total K%

Can’t make the whole post about our pitching, the Astros batters are no slumps coming in with the second best K% in all of baseball.

A couple take-aways here, I think that we all knew we were witnessing greatness when we’re talking about our starting rotation. During the game the other day, they mentioned the duo of Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole’s pursuit of the all time Strikeout record for Astros 1-2. As I looked into it, I was shocked to see that the Astros as an organization have a very realistic chance of breaking the record for the most strikeouts by a team. With 11 games left, 35 strikeouts should be almost a given.

Kyle Tucker

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

There is a very realistic chance that Kyle Tucker catches fire in the remaining games. With Reddick’s recent - *discomfort * (does this work make everyone cringe now?), there may very well be an opening to be filled. Reddick is scheduled to be back today, so this may limit his chances more than I initially thought.

Kyle Tucker actually hit extremely well during his limited time in his first call up. He had held the largest differential between his actual WOBA and his expected WOBA based on how he was hitting the ball. Below were his expected stats

.284/.383/.426 with a .353 xWOBA which would rank him as our 5th best hitter.

His BABIP came in at an unfathomable .190

Lance McCullers

McCullers threw a simulated game without issues, and is scheduled to throw another on Friday or Saturday. If all goes well, look for a potential return late in the season. It will be interesting to see how Lance’s return is handled. The bullpen is dominant this year, but who can forget Lance dominating the Yankees with 20+ straight curveballs. Does Lance just slide in with a guaranteed bullpen spot for you?