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Astros Open Forum #2: Who Should Be the Starting Outfielders For the Rest of the Season?

Your chance to be the expert. Tell us what YOU think.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What is Astros Open Forum?

The level of knowledge among regular contributors to the Crawford Boxes is off the charts. So from time to time, instead of the staff at TCB telling you what we think, we’d rather hear what you think.

Every week we will try to host the Astros Open Forum, a chance for TCBers to share their wisdom on topics of Astros interest. We encourage well reasoned, well researched responses to our inquiries, either in the comments below, or in the Fanposts. We would like to post the best Fanpost responses to the front page.

Today’s Topic: Who should be Starting in the Outfield for the Rest of the Season.

We won’t be discussing World Series MVP George Springer here. But after him the choices become a bit murky. Josh Reddick, who makes $13 million, is customarily considered a lock on the second position, but a case can be made that he is the fourth best outfielder this year, behind Marwin Gonzalez and Tony Kemp. Furthermore, Kyle (Ted) Tucker, although sporting poor results in his brief tryout in the Majors earlier this season, was demonstrably the victim of bad luck, and after his return to AAA put up huge numbers there. Does Tucker, the future of the Astros outfield, deserve another shot when the AAA playoffs end?

I did not mention Jake Marisnick here, but feel free to add his name to the mix if his game winning catch in Boston Saturday night convinces you that his defensive contributions outweigh his offensive liabilities.

Below is a chart with some basic stats for each player. Our well informed readership will no doubt want to delve into deeper statistical analysis.

Outfielders Stats

Player BA OBP SLG BABIP wRC+ ZiPS wRC+ WAR/season PA
Player BA OBP SLG BABIP wRC+ ZiPS wRC+ WAR/season PA
J Reddick .240 .311 .381 .261 92 107 0.8 437
Reddick since All Star .210 .276 .336 .230 67 107 . 158
T Kemp .282 .371 .413 .315 122 102 .9 260
Kemp since All Star .267 .353 .400 .313 112 102 . 119
M Gonzalez .247 .324 .409 .307 104 108 1.4 486
Gonzalez since All Star .284 .364 .530 .341 147 108 . 151
K Tucker .154 .254 .212 .195 37 104 -0.5 59
K Tucker AAA .332 .400 .590 .364 155 . . 465

Note: Kyle Tucker had 24 home runs in AAA.

So who are the top three outfielders as the Astros struggle against the Oakland A’s for the AL West Division title? Which two sit on the bench.

Leave your comments below.