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Astros Crawfish Boil: June 25, 2018

Your #1 source for Houston Astros news as well as other MLB articles for May 29

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros News

You’ve probably heard already, but if you haven’t, Alex Bregman shaved his mustache in between plate appearances - Cut4 by

This piece of Astros news has gone viral by now, but here’s more to the story about why Alex Bregman got rid of the ‘stache mid-game.

Gerrit Cole dealt with “Death by Foul Ball” in yesterday afternoon’s start - Houston Chronicle

During his first couple months with the Astros, Gerrit Cole was used to pitching deep in games and keeping his pitch count at a manageable level. Yesterday, that was not the case as Cole ran into pitch count issues early in his outing due to a lot of foul balls.

Houston Astros starter Dallas Keuchel was featured on ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue 2018, but also sat down for an interesting interview with an ESPN writer -

The former Cy Young winner dished on this past offseason, his famous beard, and his perspective on the Astros journey from bottom-feeders to World Champions.

Alex Bregman’s commitment to learn Spanish has helped him form strong bonds with his teammates -

This is a really cool article that just came out earlier this morning about when Bregman’s commitment to learning Spanish began and how it has paid off for him in the big leagues.

MLB News

Should we crown J.T. Realmuto as baseball’s best catcher? -

So far in 2018, Realmuto has been quietly producing an incredible season both offensively and defensively. Over the past few seasons now, Realmuto has built an impressive resumé.

If you’re a baseball fan, you need to take the time to appreciate Mike Trout -

Seriously, people. One of the greatest to ever play the game is playing right now out in Los Angeles and, whether the Angels are winning or not, Trout deserves to be watched each and every night.

The Arlington Rangers are starting to make veteran players, including Adrian Beltre, available on the trade market - Dallas Morning News

The Rangers are in desperate need of a rebuild and an overhaul of the roster, so it’s actually quite upsetting to see their front office finally realize this correct path forward.