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Forrest Whitley Suspended 50 Games

The budding phenom has been suspended based on a failed test for an as-yet-unnamed stimulant he took once after the season ended for him.

Forrest Whitley Signs With The Astros
Top Prospect Forrest Whitley has been suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball
Karen Warren, Houston Chronicle

Most have heard by now, but in an effort to wait for more accurate information, this site is only just bringing you the news that Houston Astros top prospect Forrest Whitley has been suspended for 50 games by the Commissioner’s Office for violating the Drug Abuse policy.

Note that the drug (which has not, as of this writing, been named) in use resulted in a 50 game suspension - not the 80 game one reserved for Performance Enhancing Drugs - and that it is believed to be some kind of stimulant that he used once, after his season was over, on an overnight trip as a fan to see a sporting event.

That should not be construed as implying that it’s acceptable, but it is important to this writer to be very clear about exactly what this appears to have been, based on the facts as they are known: a dumb thing done by a young man who will hopefully learn his lesson the way that other greats have before him.

The suspension will begin immediately this season and last through the Corpus Christi Hooks’ 50th game. Assuming he’s ready to go, the 51st game of the season is on May 29th. This suspension should not affect Whitley’s eligibility for a postseason roster...

...though, as Jake notes in a subsequent tweet, this could ostensibly delay Whitley’s debut until 2019. No way to know, at this point.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as new information is learned, so please check back!