We got Realmuto - 2018 SB*Nation GM Simulation

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The guys over at Royals Review run an annual simulation in which fans are asked to act as GM for a week or so. The ask is to run through the whole off-season (in a very short period of time) and build out your teams 25-man roster. The 40-man would be much more of a challenge. It was my responsibility to work with the GM representative from every MLB team to facilitate trades. Max Reiper, the man in charge, acts as Commissioner and Super-Agent for all free agents. The amount of work Max does during this, is impressive and none of us could have this much fun without him.

General Situation -€ The way I see it

Heading into the off season we have 6 players leaving via free agency (Dallas, Morton, Marwin, Maldonado, Sipp and Gattis). We had lingering questions about McCullers health (which after the sim finished, proved to be accurate) and we have uncertainty at 1st, DH, SP, C and LF. Another big concern, is the rotation past this season, when we could lose Verlander, Cole and McHugh. A too early to panic concern has to do with the long term health of Correa's back and a lack of depth. The bullpen, while very good last year, has some room for improvement.

With the uncertainty around impending free agents next off season, I feel like we are in a win now mode. I also don't want block long term payroll and I don't want to block long term development of some of our key prospects.


The simulation uses the projected arbitration raise from MLB Trade Rumors to determine value. They basically gave me a small raise from last year's pre-season budget. I was allowed to spend up to 168m. However we all know that budgets are more guidelines not hard lines. But it makes it more fun to stay within budget.

1st order of business

The first order of business was deciding on options, qualifying offers and non-tenders. Here is what I did:

Decline McCann's 15m option

Decline Will Harris's 5.5m option and opt into arbitration (the arbitration piece was messed up, he signed for 4.5m with the Nationals and then it was voided)

QO to Dallas Keuchel - Which he declined

No other QOs

No non-tenders. This was a struggle for me, usually there is at least one guy, but I didn't see any that made sense to me.

I followed the real life Luhnow and opted to not offer Marwin and Morton QO's. I was initially considering Morton, but figured a contract offer could be made that would be make sense to both. With Marwin, I later confirmed with the man in charge of the simulation, he would have accepted the QO. The contract options were pretty easy, as that had already happened in real life before the sim started.

The needs

1) Catcher - with noting on the roster that resembles a starting catcher on a World Series team, this was easily my top priority.

a. Pre-Sim targets -€ Realmuto, Salvy Perez, Grandal and Ramos. I was going to get one no matter what. I also wanted to add some C depth to the organization was going to target Andrew Knizer and Carson Kelly from the Cardinals.

2) Rotation -€ With only Verlander and Cole as locks and McCullers lingering health question, I needed to get 2 SP. One needed to be a lefty. The thought was to move McHugh back to the rotation should McCullers go down.

a. Pre-Sim targets -” Morton, Corbin, Richards, Pomeranz, Gio Gonzalez, JA Happ, Eovaldi, Kikuchi, Sonny Gray, Steven Matz, Cahill. I needed 2 of these guys.

3) DH/1B - Tyler White is good. I am willing to play him at either DH or 1B, but we needed someone for the other position. We have internal options in Davis, Yuli and Reed. Not exactly confident. This is more of nice to have than a need, as far as Im concerned

a. Pre-Sim targets - Jose Martinez, Schwarber, Nelson Cruz, Beltre, Steve Pearce, Adam Jones.

4) Bullpen - Our bullpen was really good last year, but I felt we could use some additional power and we were set to lose the lefty we used most. We also have some money tied up in guys that while good, are replaceable.

a. Pre-Sim targets - Britton, Miller, Cody Allen, Familia, Herrera, Sipp, Wilson, Jace Fry, Adam Conley, Kirby Yates, Joe Kelly, Ottavino (who accepted a QO)

5) Replace Marwin's flexability - We have enough guys that we can create that flexability (Kemp, Yuli, Davis) but we lack a true Swiss army knife.

a. Pre-Sim targets - Chris Taylor, Derek Dietich, Chisenhall, Pearce, Niko Goodrum, Marwin

6) LF or CF - Marwin played a lot of LF for us last year. Kemp has earned his spot, but I don't view him as a starter. We have the LF of the future in Tucker, who is mostly ready, and Alvarez who is close. If we can add an OF to mix that could play CF and allow us to move Springer to RF and Reddick to LF, I would be ok with that too. Needs to be a short term bridge until one of our guys is ready to take over full time

a. Pre-Sim targets - AJ Pollock, McCutchen, Adam Jones, Brantley, Markakis, Schwarber, David Peralta, Kiermaier, Mancini

Within the sim of the last few years, I have realized a couple of things. People overvalue their own guys and when its fake money, people spend it more freely. I tried very hard to stay within reasonable dollar amounts and tried to vary hard to not buy a name and buy the value. This whole simulation moves so fast, that sometimes you don't have time to properly analyze value before you have to make a move.

It Starts

Transaction #1 -€ Sign Garrett Richards -€ 3 years for $20M. 1st year -€ 2m, 2nd year -€ 8m, 3rd year -€ 10m.

Richards has huge upside, when healthy he is a Top of the Rotation talent. Tommy John is going to keep him out for all of 2019. We don't really need him for 2019, but we will most likely need him in 2020. I felt comfortable taking on an extra year of risk (2021) to ensure we have him. I initially targeted a Morton type 2/14m post 2019. So I was thinking 3/16 to start. Bidding was there, so it ended up being a bit more. Look at those spin rates and imagine what Strom can do with him! Worth it.

Transaction #2 -€ Sign Charlie Morton 1 year $14m

A Charlie Morton sized hole to fill in the rotation, why not fill it with Charlie Morton. Morton basically said he wants one more year and really only wants to pitch for us. Initially my offer was 2 years $28m with a mutual option after 2019 or a $4m buy out. Basically getting him QO money without the QO. The man in charge (Max Rieper) said Charlie only wanted a 1 year deal at $14m. Ok. That was basically in line with that I wanted anyway. Deal!

Transaction #3 -€ Trade Kyle Tucker, Corbin Martin, Abraham Toro-Hernandez and Francis Martes to Miami Marlins for JT Realmuto.

As soon as the sim started, I sent out indications of interest to the Royals and Marlins. I actually had Salvy Perez as my #1 target due to his existing contract and perceived lower prospect cost to acquire. The Royals were very slow to respond and didn't seem to be overly interested in trading him at the start. Although the did later trade him. My initial offer for Perez was admittedly very light (Fisher, Reed and JB). We talked a little and had 2 pieces sorted out (JB and Armentros) but they wanted another top 100 prospect to get it done. By the time communication with them resumed I was basically done with the Realmuto deal.

The Marlins did their due-diligence and fielded offers from teams before working their way to a conclusion. I knew there was going to be a lot of interest, so I wanted to come out aggressive to get it done quickly so I could focus on other things. The only deal I was even going to consider using Tucker in was Realmuto. In retrospect, my 1st offer was actually the offer that they took. Maybe that means I overpaid. 1st offer -€” Tucker, Martin, prospect from 20-30 org. list and 1 of Fisher, Reed, Martes, Davis. Things got WAY off base, we added in Kolek, Conley, Torres...lots of prospects going back and forth. It got to the point where it was just crazy. I backed off the side pieces and we got the deal done. Boom best young catcher in baseball is now an Astro!

Transaction #4 -€ Sign Tony Sipp to a 1 year $2m deal.

Nothing more than a cheap deal to get another lefty in. Hopefully we get 2018 Sipp and not 2016-2017 Sipp.

Transaction #5 -€ Trade Jake Marisnick to Colorado Rockies for Daniel Montano and Javier Guevara

Jake is a remarkable defender. We all know that. He is fast. We all know that. But with his struggles with the bat, a demotion to AAA last year and relative expense (2.4m) he is expendable. We have Miles Straw, Kemp and Fisher that can be our 4th/5th OF. I had several conversation with a couple of teams, but the Rockies were pretty engaged on him once I mentioned it. They offered Tony Wolters, I declined. I asked for Daniel Montano and Sam Howard, a Lefty. They declined on Howard but agreed on Montano. I asked them to add Guevara as the last piece. Reluctantly, they accepted. Now we have some interesting depth at C and OF.

The return:

Daniel Montano #26 org prospect - OF -€ Age 19, listed 6'1″ 170 lbs., bats left. He was signed out of Venezuela in 2015 for $2 million. At the time was the 12th best international prospect in the class. Still in rookie ball. The Venezuelan native has yet to make it stateside, but in Dominican Summer League action has shown good balance at the plate and quick wrists, with the early signs of developing power bubbling to the surface. There's a fair amount of swing and miss built into the profile, placing a lot of pressure on the power coming through. To his credit, he has shown a fairly patient approach that could translate into walks and some on-base value to help provide some cushion on the offensive side of things. He's likely to settle in left field at maturity, though it's the bat that will ultimately determine whether he carves out a big league future for himself.

Javier Guevara C - Age 21, listed 5"11″ 165 lbs., bats and throws right. He was signed out of Venezuela in 2014. Exceptional competitiveness, great instincts behind the plate, great arm and feel for when to back pick and throw to bases (1.9-1.96 pop times), advanced receiver and pitch blocker, competitive leadership of the pitching staff. Mature kid, plays hard. All the intangible/intense traits you'd hope to have in a catcher. Bat's not a black hole, either -€” don't think he'll ever be a significant offensive weapon but could turn himself into a 50/55 hitter with modest power. Total sleeper prospect that more people need to be on right now.

Transaction #6 -€ Trade Josh Rojas and Brandon Bielak to Detroit Tigers for Niko Goodrum and Christin Stewart

Goodrum was the target in this deal. The Tigers were working on things that made him expendable -€ he was working on Profar. So this deal took some patience. Ideas floated around to bring Rogers back, Castellanos was discussed. At one point it was even discussed as a 3 team trade with the Rangers. The Rangers wanted me to kick in JB or Solis. Laughable for what I was getting in return. So we cut the Rangers out. The Tigers need another arm to include in another deal it was working. They knew I was looking for LF/DH and a left bat, so they threw in Stewart. I thought to myself, alright, we are getting some value here. I offered Bielak and they were not thrilled and countered with Armentros. I rebutted that, I needed him. He asked if we could add a lower level IF prospect and asked me about Josh Rojas. I agreed. Deal. Now I we have a young power lefty and a controllable utility piece that had a solid season. And while Bielak is talented, I was able to flip him and what appears most likely to be just organizational depth (Rojas) for 2 MLB ready guys. Fingers crossed Stewart doesn't go full AJ/Singleton/Wallace on us.

The Return:

Niko Goodrum Utility -€ Age: 27 6'3" Switch hitter. Throws right. Pre-arbitration. 2nd round pick 2010. The Tigers played him everywhere except CF last year. He doesn't grade out well as a defender but he is not going to be an absolute embarrassment. This gives us our new cheap Marwin. I see plenty of similarities between the two of them. Hopefully he can settle into that role and focus on his defense around the diamond this offseason as he know has the transparency of his role. He has the arm to play just about anywhere. He has a lot of swing and miss. Decent power and some speed to swipe a few bags here and there.

Christin Stewart #6 org prospect -€ Age: 24 6'0" 205lbs - bats left -€” 1st round pick 2015. When Stewart was coming out of the University of Tennessee in 2015, he had one of the best power bats in the entire Draft class. Since the Tigers took him 34th overall that June, he has more than lived up to that hype, hitting 58 homers over his first two full seasons of pro ball and carrying a career .508 slugging percentage into the 2018 season. Thanks to a very quick bat, Stewart can drive the ball out of the park, and for extra bases, to all fields. There will always be some swing and miss to his game, but he did cut down his strikeout rate a touch in 2017 and he does offset the whiffs by drawing a good amount of walks. He has worked on his overall approach and tried to cut down on his swing to allow him to tap into his tremendous raw power consistently. Stewart is going to have to hit because he is a below-average defender in left field with a below-average arm. The Tigers love Stewart's work ethic and that he doesn't just spend all of his time in the cage working on his one carrying tool, instead putting in great effort to show he is capable enough to play the outfield regularly. The Tigers think he'll catch what he can get to and won't be a DH only. Either way, his power bat is just about ready to contribute in Detroit.

Transaction #7 -€ Trade Joe Smith to Minnesota Twins for Lewin Diaz

Joe Smith is as solid as they come in any major league bullpen. But unspectacular and very serviceable is what he is. At an $8m price tag and with many younger, cheaper and similar options for the bullpen he became expendable. I shopped him to just about every team, had a few bites, but mostly people knew I just dumping salary and didn't want to give up anything remotely close to value. The Twins initially asked for some salary back, but I bluffed and said I had other offers without cash and they agreed to the deal.

The return:

Lewin Diaz #16 org prospect - 1B -€Age 21, listed 6'3" 180lbs, bats left. Signed for $1.4 million as one of the better bats in the 2013 July 2nd class but already looked like a future first baseman as a 15-year-old and still looks like one at age 21. He's had plus raw power most of that time but has chosen not to sell out for power in his swing, instead focusing on working as a more well-rounded hitter. Diaz has above-average bat control, so there are the tools here for above-average offense, but he doesn't lift the ball as much as you'd like yet in games and his pitch selection is still below average as well. He's a below-average runner and should be about average at first base.

Transaction #8 -€ Sign Nelson Cruz for 2 years $28m. $14m per year

It's hard to argue with the stat lines here. Even at his advanced age, he is still capable of delivering impressive results at DH. Could we have had a platoon of sorts at DH? Yes. Do we need Cruz? No. But we could certainly use a little more thump in the lineup. Last season's production slipped a little because of injury, but even if that is type of production we get next year, its worth 14m. It's a short commitment, doesn't really block anyone right now and pushes Tyler White to 1B. Why not.

Transaction #9 -€ Sign Yusei Kikuchi for 6 years $65m - Age 27 -€ Lefty SP - Japan

While many other names were out there for deals, some of the FA pitching targets that would plug best into our rotation were going for big dollars. And after getting Morton back, I needed to get a lefty. Corbin just ended up signing for $153m. Dallas was floating around out there still, I offered 4/60m but at the time he was looking for 100m and wasn't ready to settle. Trades were being floated around but nothing really advancing. I also just unload top prospects for Realmuto, I had cash flexability. To me, it just makes more sense this year to spend money instead of prospect capital on SP. There are a lot of good arms out there.

Negotiations with Kikuchi's people (again super-agent Max Rieper) got a little pressing. Apparently he had a lot in offers in some very strange structures. My first offer was 5y/47.5m (1st -€” $7m, 2nd -€” $9m, 3rd -€” $10m, 4th -€” $10.5m, 5th -€” $11M). He then got a $50m offer with an opt out after 4 years. I added a mutual option for a 6th year at $15m. Another offer of 5/$55m came in. I stood with my offer as it was better. Then it upped again to 7/$63m. My deal was still better for him, but was considering the other deal because it had opt outs. We were asked for our final offers, I stuck with my structure but added an opt out after 4 years and player option (an opt out by another name) after year 5. If it ends up being a 4 year deal at $36.5m and he opts out, that means we got value out of it bc he can earn more than the remaining $26m. The risk of the unknown is certainly a worry. He could be Tanaka or he could be Daisuke. Injuries could be a concern but when healthy he could be a top of the rotation arm. Most of the comps I see are to Patrick Corbin. If that plays out and we got him for half the's a win.

He has posted strong numbers over eight pro seasons (all with Seibu Lions, apart from five starts in the Australian Baseball League in his rookie year). Kikuchi has a 2.81 ERA, 8.0 K/9, and 2.43 K/BB rate over 1035 1/3 career innings, and particularly stood out after recording a 1.97 ERA and 10.4 K/9 over a career-best 197 2/3 frames in 2017. Despite taking a bit of a step back results-wise (3.08 ERA, 3.40 K/BB rate, 8.4 K/9) this season, Kikuchi still has a strong slider and a fastball in the 92-94mph range (that has touched 98mph at its fastest) as his two primary pitches, and he has worked both a changeup and a curveball into his repertoire this season.

Transaction #10 -€ Sign Joe Kelly for 3 years $26m 1st year $8m 2nd and 3rd year $9m

Jeff Luhnow has ties to Joe Kelly back in his STL days, so the connection is easy to see (especially after reading Astroball). His playoff exposure may have run up his cost some and his regular season numbers are not spectacular. But he is a high leverage, high octane arm that we can plug in. He was not my top bullpen target in any stretch, but I had a hard time paying $10m or more for a non-closer. Britton, Miller, Robertson, Familia all exceeded that. I think there is another gear in him. Hopefully Strom and analytics will be able to bring it out.

Transaction #11 -€ Trade Hector Rondon to Las Angeles Angels for Jose Natera and Jerryell Rivera

All is the same as Joe Smith here. Serviceable but unspectacular. Has had great half seasons but can't do it all year. Proof being the fact he didn't make the playoff rosters. $4.5m salary for someone who very well could not make the opening day roster is too much. Flip for prospects to the highest bidder. The prospect I initially asked for, Stiward Aquino, was already gone. I threw out Rivera and the "headliner" and that was agreed to. I asked for Natera and while reluctant to part with a young, high ceiling prospect they finally relented. We got something that resembles a young Dallas Keuchel (IMHO) and what appears to be a very promising arm.

The Return:

Jerryell Rivera #22 org prospect -€ LHP -€ Age 19 6'3" 180lbs. Drafted 11th Round 2017 over-slot 450k. While he entered the Draft as a bit of a soft-tosser, he's already added some velocity to his fastball, with every chance for it to become a plus pitch thrown with good sinking action. His changeup is currently his best secondary weapon and it could be an above-average off-speed pitch eventually, while his curve is a work in progress. One of the more athletic players in the system, Rivera has a strong and repeatable delivery and already has solid fastball command. With a strong foundation to build from with Rivera's athleticism and solid feel for pitching, there was hope he could take a huge step forward in 2018 as he continues to get stronger and refine his delivery. Struggles with command held him back. Still, the final product could be a No. 3 type starter, though it will take patience in the player development department for him to get there

Jose Natera -€ RHP -€ Age 18 6'1" 180lbs Signed out of Venezuela in 2016 Not a lot out there on him reports wise. Mostly a lotto ticket really. purports to have the Natera scoop, putting impressive future potential grades of 60 (plus) on both a 92-94 mph fastball and a cutter. Tack on a potentially average curveball, squint a little, and we can begin to project Natera into the middle of an early-to-mid 2020's rotation or at the back end of the bullpen. He posted an 81% groundball rate through 28 innings in the Dominican Summer League last spring, landing him on our watch list. Yes, it was the DSL, and yes, GB rates are elevated in rookie ball. But 81%. Holy crap. Even when guys did manage to lift the ball, they popped out in the infield half the time. The FIP inputs were no joke either: he fanned 28% of the opposition while yielding only a 3% walk rate. Pretty sick for a true seventeen year old.

Transaction #12 -€ Sign Nick Markakis for 1 year $8.5m

At this point, I have traded away one of our LF'ers of the future and the one that is closest to contributing at that. We also have a VERY right handed lineup. Kemp, a lefty, is serviceable out there but I also like his flexability to play other spots. I worked hard to sign Michael Brantley, but in the end, the Indians paid just a little more than I wanted to spend. 12m per season over 3 years is actually very reasonable, but with his injury risk and with Alvarez hopefully only a year away, I didn't want to spend that much and block my best hitting prospect. Markakis bring a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and high OBP to our lineup. At 8.5m, I am basically only expecting 1 WAR out of him, anything over that is value. I would actually put him in RF and move Reddick to left where, I think his defense plays up a little bit.

Transaction #13 -€ Trade Yuli Gurriel to Miami Marlins for Edward Cabrera and Christopher Torres

Mostly due to my bad mathing, I ended up being over the luxury tax number and over budget by about $10m. I kept forgetting to count Morton in my budget, just too used to seeing him on the roster I guess. It was brought to my attention with only about 2 hours left in the sim. But with the moves I made, Gurriel was mostly expendable and his performance while again, very good, was not spectacular. His positional flexability can filled with JD Davis as well as some of his pop. Or we can use Christin Stewart for left handed pop and back up at 1st base/LF. Niko can play literally everywhere but is nowhere near fantastic. So again, expendable because of cost. I would have preferred to keep him...math. I feel like I won this trade. Cabrera is flamethrower and with our pitching development teams in the minors, this guy could be legit. Torres is basically insurance at this point. We don't have a lot of depth in the minors at SS and not many that project to stay at SS.

The Return:

Edward Cabrera #7 org prospect - RHP -€ Age: 20 6'4" 175lbs. Signed from the Dominican - 100k in 2015. Advancing to full-season ball in 2018, a fully healthy Cabrera continued to boost his stock while pitching for Class A Greensboro. A tall and projectable right-hander, Cabrera's velocity continued to tick up in the New York-Penn League, where he reached 101 mph with his fastball while working anywhere from 95-100 mph. He's consistently around the zone with the pitch, especially when pitching in the mid-90s. His slider shows the makings of becoming an above-average pitch, complementing his heater nicely, and he also features a changeup that improved in 2017. Already a strike-thrower, Cabrera projects to have average control and command once developed. Cabrera's upside is as high as any hurler in Miami's system, and it's for that reason that they've carefully managed his workload early in his career. If all comes together for him, Cabrera, with his combination of size and stuff, could develop into a No. 3 starter, with the floor of an impactful late-inning reliever.

Christopher Torres #18 org prospect -€ Age 20 5'11" 170lbs. Signed from the Dominican -€ 375k 2014 The switch-hitting Torres shows more impact potential from the left side of the plate, the side from which he hit five of his six Northwest League home runs (all coming during the second half). Equally impressive was his progress as a righty, especially considering there was talk about him scrapping switch-hitting prior to the season. Torres could hit for a solid average as well as some power with additional gains in each batter's box, while his above-average speed should net him plenty of doubles and triples as well as stolen bases. On the other side of the ball, Torres draws raves for his upside at shortstop, where he projects as a plus defender with plenty of range and arm strength for the position. He also receives high marks for his intensity and leadership, both on and off the field. Torres will need time to develop, but the profile could be that of an everyday middle-infielder who contributes in all facets of the game.

Minor League Deals: Ervin Santana, Fernando Salas, Danny Coloumbe, Buddy Boshers, Jacob Turner


With our window still wide open, trading away a ton of prospect value didn't seem to make a lot of sense this year. Additionally, signing long term contracts that block prospects and ties up capital doesn't make a lot of sense either. We are going to have some serious pitching holes next offseason with these guys heading towards free agency - Verlander, Cole, McHugh, Will Harris, Pressly. Signing Garret Richards and Kikuchi softens this blow at hopefully reduced costs. Signing Kelly is an easy replacement for Harris leaving. Bringing in Niko and Stewart could help solidify a couple of longer term holes as utility and maybe LF. Betting on prospects is a scary proposition in a win now season, so we need another OF'er that is a known commodity (Markakis) on a short term deal. Adding a middle of the order DH is a luxury. We have guys capable of providing value in the spot without spending money but none that are really that extraordinary.

We lost some MLB depth in trades but picked up some quality prospects that fill in some organizational holes. Most of these prospects are just that, prospects. I went for young, high upside players, with high risk rates. That is really all anyone can expect when mostly dealing MLB depth players.

I will do a follow up write up around the All-Star break and compare my team vs the real team.

New Top 30 List

*this whole list can be debated. I am not a prospect ranking savant, but we can pretty much all agree that the top 20 (in whatever order) are top 20. 20-30 is a crap shoot. I used the framework from

1) Forrest Whitley

2) Yordan Alvarez

3) JB Bukausas

4) Josh James

5) Cionel Perez

6) Christin Stewart *new addition*

7) Seth Beer

8) Freudis Nova

9) Jairo Solis

10) Framber Valdez

11) Rogelio Armentros

12) Edward Cabrera *new addition*

13) Cristian Javier

14) Myles Straw

15) Garrett Stubbs

16) Jayson Schroeder

17) Riley Ferrell

18) Dean Deetz

19) JJ Matijevic

20) Joe Perez

21) Lewin Diaz *new addition*

22) Jonathan Arauz

23) Christopher Torres *new addition*

24) Trent Thornton

25) Tyler Ivey

26) Randy Cesar

27) Brett Adcock

28) Brandon Bailey

29) Jerryell Rivera *new addition*

30) Alex McKenna

Position Players

C -€ JT Realmuto (R)

1B -€ Tyler White (R)

2B -€ Jose Altuve (R)

3B -€ Alex Bregman (R)

SS -€ Carlos Correa (R)

RF -€ Nick Markakis (L)

CF -€ George Springer (R)

LF -€ Josh Reddick (L)

DH -€ Nelson Cruz (R)


C -€ Max Stassi (R)

Utl -€ Niko Goodrum (S)

OF4 -€ Tony Kemp (L)

Open comp -€ players to consider

-Myles Straw

-AJ Reed

-JD Davis

-Christin Stewart

-Derek Fisher


1 – Justin Verlander (R)

2 – Garrit Cole (R)

3 – Lance McCullers (R) – McHugh (R)

4 – Charlie Morton (R)

5 – Yusei Kikuchi (L)


CL – Roberto Osuna (R)

SU – Ryan Pressly (R)

SU – Joe Kelly (R)

LHRP – Tony Sipp (L)

RP – Chris Deveniski (R)

RP – Brad Peacock (R)

RP – Open Comp/Flex – Players to consider

-Will Harris

-Cionel Perez (L)

-Josh James (R)

-Brady Rodgers (R)

-Framber Valdez (L)

-Dean Deetz (R)

-Reymin Guduan (L)

-Fernando Salas (R) non-roster

-Ervin Santana (R) non-roster

*Anyone else who makes a case in Spring and/or Rule 5 guys

* 40 Man at 36 names

25-man 2018 Salary = $171.5m

Target Budget 170m

$78m Committed for 2019 before arbitration raises.

Additional Details

Our FA Deals Elsewhere

Marwin -€ 3y/45m - Reds

McCann -€ 1y 3.5m -€Giants

Keuchel -€ 4y/88m -€ Angels

Gattis -€ unsigned

Maldonado -€ 1y/5m - Rays

Other FA signings

Harper -€ 13yrs/515m -€ Yankees

Machado -€ 11yrs/433m -€ Phillies

Corbin -€ 6yrs/153m -€ Yankees

Kimbrel -€ 4yrs/82m -€ Cards

Grandal -€ 4yrs/98m -€ Braves

Eovaldi -€ 6yrs/90m -€ Nationals

Pollock -€ 4yrs/60m -€ D-Backs

Happ -€ 3yrs/42m -€ Pirates

Brantley -€ 3yrs/36m -€ Indians

McCutchen -€ 3yrs/39m -€ Indians

Donaldson -€ 4y/64m (opt out 2019) Rays

Ramos -€ 2y/20m -€ Red Sox

Britton -€ 3y/36m -€ Yankees

Robertson -€ 3y/36m -€Reds

Ryu -€ 3y/30m -€ Rays

Familia -€ 3y/33m -€ Angels

Lowrie -€ 2y/16m -€ Braves

Andrew Miller -€ 3y/45m (opt out 2020) -€ Reds

Herrera -€ 3y/27m -€ White Sox

Gio Gonzalez -€ 2y/24m -€White Sox

Anibal Sanchez -€ 2y/12m -€ Dbacks

Harvey -€ 1y/8m -€ Nationals

Cahill -€ 3y/15m -€ Nationals

Murphy -€ 2y/18m -€ Brewers

Dozier -€ 1y/8m -€ Cards

LeMahieu -€ 3ys/39m -€ Angels

Soria -€ 1y/9m (7.5m 2020 club opt) - Giants

Moustakas -€ 2y/25m (12m club opt) -€ Red Sox

Lance Lynn -€ 2y/12m -€ Rangers

Cody Allen -€ 2y/15m -€ Braves

Derek Holland - 1y/1.5m -€ Royals

Bud Norris - 1y/2.75m -€ Royals

Brach -€ 2y/20m -€ Twins

Wade Miley -€ 2y/11m -€ Brewers

Jesse Chavez -€ 1y/4m -€ Cubs

Sabathia -€ 1y/9m -€ Yankees

Adam Jones -€ 2y/16m -€ Dbacks

Suzuki -€ 1y/3.5m -€ Dbacks

Pomeranz -€ 1y/8m -€ Dbacks

*Top 50 FA from MLB Trade Rumors

Some trades within sim

Cardinals trade Jose Martinez to the Rays for Austin Franklin and Nick Ciuffo

Rockies trade German Marquez and Grant Lavigne to the Red Sox for Rafael Devers, Jay Groome, and Alex Scherff.

Yankees trade Giancarlo Stanton (he waives his NTC) to the Angels for Justin Upton, Brandon Marsh and Jeremiah Jackson. Stanton's contract shared 50/50 until 2024. Yankees cover remainder

Mets trade Jarred Kelenic, Seth Lugo, Juan Lagares, and Franklin Kilome to the Nationals for Victor Robles

Giants trade Evan Longoria, Sam Dyson, and $35.75 million for Maikel Franco & Camilo Quinteiro

Red Sox trade Rick Porcello and Darwinzon Hernandez to the Phillies for Carlos Santana and Nick Pivetta

Braves trade Dansby Swanson and Austin Riley to the Nationals for Trea Turner

Royals trade Danny Duffy and $23.5 million to the Red Sox for Triston Casas and Nick Decker

Mets trade Zack Wheeler, Anthony Swarzak, T.J. Rivera, Justin Dunn, Luis Santana, Anthony Dirocie, and Bobby Wahl to the Nationals for Stephen Strasburg

Brewers trade Bryce Turang, Troy Stokes, Zach Brown and Larry Ernesto to the Royals for Salvador Perez and $22 million

Yankes trade Didi Gregorius to the Cardinals for Griffin Roberts and Connor Capel

Giants trade Brandon Belt, Will Smith, Tony Watson, Jacoby Ellsbury and $18 million to the Cardinals for Matt Carpenter, Miles Mikolas, Dexter Fowler, Luke Gregerson, and Brett Cecil

Red Sox trade David Price to the Giants for John Gavin

Twins trade Byron Buxton, Addison Reed, and $4M to the Mets for Steven Matz and Anthony Kay

White Sox trade Danny Dopico to Red Sox for Rusney Castillo

Braves trade Kolby Allard and Travis Demeritte to the White Sox for Jace Fry

Blue Jays trade Marcus Stroman to the Reds for Taylor Trammell and Jose Lopez

Reds trade Billy Hamilton to the Mariners for Max Povse and Matthew Festa

Cubs trade Michael Rucker to the Diamondbacks for Archie Bradley and Andrew Chafin

Brewers trade Jimmy Nelson, Keon Broxton, Lucas Erceg and Jacob Nottingham to the Rockies for Nolan Arenado

White Sox trade Omar Narváez and Aaron Bummer to Brewers for Chase Anderson and Domingo Santana.

Twins trade Jordan Balazovic and Andy Cosgrove to the Diamondbacks for Zack Greinke

Athletics trade Richie Martin and Zack Erwin to the Marlins for Jose Urena and Derek Dietrich

Reds trade Raisel Iglesias to the Dodgers for Chris Taylor

Braves trade Kevin Gausman, Luiz Gohara, Kyle Wright and Greyson Jenista to the Indians for Corey Kluber and Tyler Krieger

Padres trade Wil Myers and $32 million to the Mets for David Thompson and Gregory Guerrero

Yankees trade Gary Sanchez, Jonathan Loaisiga and Albert Abreu to the Diamondbacks for Paul Goldschmidt

Royals trade Whit Merrifield and Janser Lara to the Cubs for Ian Happ, Cory Abbott, Oscar de la Cruz, and Tyler Chatwood