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Astros release 2018 schedule

Mark your calendars...

Baltimore Orioles v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Houston Astros still have plenty of time in 2017 season to make it the most historic season in franchise history. But for a moment the team took time to look to the 2018 season by releasing the upcoming schedule.

The Astros will open the 2018 season on the road against the Texas Rangers on March 29. The home opener will be on April 2 against the Baltimore Orioles. The Astros will finish the season against the Orioles on September 30.

The Astros will play the NL West during interleague play. The Astros won't be home for most of the major holidays in 2018: Memorial Day will be at the Rangers, July at the Rangers, and home against the Twins on Labor Day.

Surprisingly, the Astros won't play the Rangers during the month of August and Septemeber. Houston will only play three series against the AL West during September: Aug. 30-31, Sept. 1-2 against the Angels, Sept. 17-19 against the Mariners, and Sept. 21-23 against the Angels. Which could make things interesting when it comes to winning the AL West title and trying to move up and down in the standings.