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Astros, Tigers may be still talking about a Verlander trade....Jon Heyman isn't sure

Heyman tweets out an article then contradict himself with a tweet an hour later.

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Being a national contractor is hard. You’re stationed in one location and expected to cover 30 major league baseball teams. And it can be tough sometimes to find a subject to write about during the time period after the trade deadline.

FanRag’s Jon Heyman needed a story for today, which turned out to be Houston Astros and Detriot Tigers were working on a deal surrounding Justin Verlander.

A storyline that had been swirly since Verlander cleared waivers. But Heyman appeared be presenting the fact that the Astros and Tigers had rekindled talks after a slow start.

Not so fast.

Heyman quickly tweeted out that two teams hadn’t talked since last week and getting a deal done would be hard. Going as far as to say it would be a “long shot.”

So what can you take out of this series of tweets? Nothing apparently. But the Astros and Tigers did talk at some point this month.