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Astros' Colin Moran hospitalised after fouling a pitch off his face

Moran was taken out of the game on a cart Saturday.

Houston Astros v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Colin Moran had been showing his potential that many fans expected since Houston traded for him in 2014. He collected a triple and his first major league home run on Friday in his first start of 2017.

But on Saturday, he collected a trip to the hospital.

In the sixth inning, Moran was up to bat with two runners on against Orioles reliever Darren O'Day. O'Day, a right-handed sidewinder, is already angled to bear down on left-handed bats like Moran. O'Day's first pitch to Moran was a slider that broke into Moran's hand. Moran swung. The ball skimmed off the bat and headed straight towards Moran's face.

The ball hit Moran square, sliding across the side of his face. Moran was in a daze and crumpled to the ground.

A.J. Hinch and the athletic training staff rushed to Moran's aid. Moran would be taken out of the ballpark on a cart, but he was coherent and sitting up.

Moran was checked into a local hospital to be checked out.