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Starting Nine: Is Brad Peacock for Real?

Peacock has worked his way into the rotation, but will he last?

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

After surprising everyone with some dominant innings out of the bullpen (1.10 ERA, 12.12 K/9, 1.04 WHIP), Brad Peacock got a shot at the rotation. He has performed admirably in his first 3 starts, increasing his strikeout rate (15.00 K/9) and lowering his WHIP (0.87).

So after watching Peacock this season, and acknowledging that it's still a very small sample, which camp do you fall in, and why?

1) I want him back in the bullpen once others are healthy

2) Keep him as our #5 starter once others are healthy

3) I think he is better than a #5 starter


I would continue with Peacock in the rotation and maintain the effort at stretching him out. Then see if he can keep up the nice performance for several more starts.

I can’t put myself neatly into one of those categories. I like Peacock’s pitching this year, but I’m not ready to say that he has proven he should face hitters for a third time through the order.

So, I would wait for, maybe, three more starts to get more information on that question. If all goes well after that, I think he should stay in the rotation.


Option 2 but it's a small sample size. I want to see if he does better over a few more starts. I still would like the team to acquire a player with playoff experience.

If Peacock continues this throughout the entire season, then maybe he is the #4 starter in the playoffs. If 3 other starters (not named Keuchel, LMJ) are better, then send him back to the bullpen. I like him in the bullpen, but if he effectively eats innings then keep him in the rotation. I'd also like to see someone effectively replace Peacock's bullpen production.

Brian Stevenson

Honestly, I still have no idea. The sample is small, but the numbers as a starter are eye-popping.

Last year when he came up as a starter, he rode a .190 BAbip to some unsustainable late-season success. Not so this year. His numbers now are incredible. They can't be ignored. His strike out rate is nuts and his walk rate is finally reasonable.

Maybe the league adjusts to him at some point, but I think you keep running him out there until then. Fortunately for Peacock, it seems like Morton might be out at least another month, and who knows on McHugh.


I fall between 2 and 3. I guess I’m at #2 right now, but am optimistic that his future performances will put me in the #3 camp.

I like the story. I also think it’s believable. Peacock has gotten a bad rep, but I’m not really sure why. Here are his career numbers: 4.33 ERA, 4.62 FIP, 4.47 xFIP. Remember that a quality start (3 ER in 6 IP) is equal to a 4.50 ERA.

I’m not trying to say that Peacock is an ace or even belongs in the top 3 of a starting rotation, but I think alot of fans have under-valued him in the past. I think he is capable of being a back-end starter, at least a #5 and maybe a #4.

Now... what do YOU think?