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Astros mascot Orbit robbed in mascot rankings

I like Deadspin for many things, but mascot rankings is not one of them.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mascot rankings don’t seem like the normal from the internet to feel the compulsion to have a hot takeover. But there has been a crime committed by one mascot rankings list created by the Deadspin staff.

Deadspin ranked the Astros mascot Orbit as the 23rd-best mascot in sports. He was ranked by Mr. Met, Phillie Phanatic, The Swinging Friar, The Oriole Bird, Sluggerrr, Mariner Moose, Bernie Brewer, and Lou Seal among baseball mascots.

He was also behind numerous basketball and hockey that have half the space to work with in smaller arena to work.

This list clearly is rattled with East Coast bias, a lingering fondness for NBA Jam, and a fondness for mascots that were better performers in past lives — I’m looking at you Phillie Phanatic.

It also speaks to a straight up lack of knowledge on the level of game that Orbit has been bringing to the field before games.

He showed an all-star how to stretch.

He pranked Mike Trout.

He’s gone Tiger hunting.

He’s had a tea party with David Ortiz.

He’s even given Deadspin content for the website.

Orbit just loooooovvvvvess baseball.

I’m not a hot take machine and mascot don’t seem like the thing to go to the mat for, but Orbit doesn't deserve to be below almost all of the baseball mascots on Deadspin’s list let alone Mr. Met — who is happy to flip fans the bird.