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Enjoy these majestic home runs from Carlos Correa and George Springer

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm soooo goood.

MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Any victory in Arlington is sweet. But a victory with two home runs and a six strong innings from Dallas Keuchel is even sweeter. And majestic home runs from Carlos Correa and George Springer can cause instant diabetes.

The majority of the Astros offense last night game from Correa and Springer’s long balls.

Friday’s game was still locked into a 0-0 tie with Keuchel and the RangersYu Darvish flexing their muscles to work around jams. That was until the 5th inning. Correa caught a hanging breaking ball and deposited it just over the left-center field wall.

It was George Springer’s turn in the eighth inning, how rocked a Dillon Gee pitch to dead center. The home run was overshadowed a tiny bit by the Astros fan the caught the ball in center field.

The fan jumped a fence ran across the batter’s eye hill and caught the ball in stride. It was just a great Astros night all around.

You knew it. He knew it. We all knew it.

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