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2017 MLB Draft: Astros Select Tennessee RHP Kyle Serrano in Round 10

The right-hander has been through a lot in the last few years, and represents a significant upside play if he makes it to pro ball.

Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

As a prep player, Tennessee righty Kyle Serrano was seen as a first round talent but an impossible sign given his commitment to the Volunteers baseball club that his father, Dave Serrano, managed (Dave Serrano to Resign in May and was replaced by Tony Vitello) The 6’3” hurler has a strong three-pitch mix and showed advanced pitchability in high school, but struggled with inconsistency, command, and injury during his college career, eventually leaving the program in April citing personal medical issues. He also missed significant time with elbow injuries in college.

At his best, Serrano has shown mid-rotation upside and did strike out 21 batters in 9.2 IP in his brief work during the 2017 college season. There has been a little update on whether his situation since his departure from the Vols, but if the righty is healthy and committed to returning to the diamond, he makes for a very intriguing reclamation project.

He has a great pitcher’s build at 6’3” and does a great job of generating drive with his lower half, though he does have some funk in his arm action. His breaking ball flashes above average as does his change, though the command he displayed in high school seemed to disappear at Tennessee. It seems as though he was never quite right medically, be it physically or mentally, during his college career, and the transition to the pro game could help him find his old groove. If his stuff is still there, and all indications are that it was in top form when he was able to take the mound most recently, he still possesses mid-rotation or bullpen upside.