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3 Astros Things: Beltran matches Peter Rose

A look at Carlos Beltran, Francis Martes, and James Harden.

3 Things White

Normally this is a music video, but why not watch this again.

Beltran matches Rose

Carlos Beltran led off the eighth inning with a double Tuesday night. It sparked a five-run inning for the Astros in the comeback victory against the Rangers but it also made history.

Beltran tied Pete Rose for the most extra-base hits all-time for switch hitters with 1,041 extra-base hits. Beltran now only trails Eddie Murray (1,099) and Chipper Jones (1,055).

Beltran’s double was his 540th, which matched him for 35th place all time with Dave Winfield.

Beltran talked about his role with the Astros after Tuesday’s game:

Martes skipped

The Astros Triple-A team Fresno Grizzlies will skip top prospect Francis Martes for his scheduled start. Martes was scheduled to start on Tuesday but won’t be placed on disabled list with what is called “mild abdominal discomfort” — stated assistant manager Mike Elias.

Martes, 21, has allowed just four earned runs over 12 13 innings in three starts with Fresno. He has struck out 12 and walked 12 during those three starts.

Houston Chronicle’s Jake Kaplan reporting.

The Chief is cooking

The third thing on the list today is an excuse to include this GIF. Lance McCullers celebrated the end of an inning by doing James Harden celebration move — a stirring the pot motion.

The Rockets play game two against the Spurs Wednesday. Follow the action for the Astros at TCB and check with our sister station for the Rockets — The Dream Shake. I know a guy that works there.