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Hit George Springer with a pitch? He hits back.

It only took an inning to get his payback.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s Orioles starting pitcher Alec Asher is a 25-year-old, three-year major league veteran that was basically bought/traded for a player to be named later by Baltimore over the offseason.

Asher had a less then ideal day on Sunday against the Astros, allowing six runs on six hits over two innings.

Asher’s day didn’t start well, he hit George Springer with a pitch. A 0-2 91 MPH fastball to be exact. Intentional, non-intentinoal that fact didn’t matter. A 91 MPH fastball still hurt.

Springer didn’t have to wait long to get his payback. The Astros sent 11 batters to the plate in the second inning.

Springer this time connected with an 86 mph fastball and sent it flying up and over the left-center field wall for a two-run home to fully erase the Orioles’ once 3-0 lead — putting Houston in front 5-3.

What did we learn today kids? Don’t hit George Springer. He hits back.