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McCullers extends scoreless streak to 22 innings

Astros young starter continues to make history.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Lance McCullers increased his scoreless inning streak to 22. A mind-boggling factoid.

LMJ only has 37 innings to go before he gets to Orel Hershiser. When are we actually allowed to start talking about this? 30 scoreless innings? That seems about right, even though it's barely halfway towards the goal.

The last three times someone got to over 30 scoreless innings in the Majors were RA Dickey with the Mets in 2012 (32 innings), Clayton Kershaw in 2014 (41 innings) and Zack Greinke, also with the Dodgers in 2015 (45.2 innings).

Another impressive mark for McCullers has matched is one previously set by the late Jose Fernandez. McCullers has allowed three runs or less in all 25 of his career home starts. It ties Fernandez’ MLB mark.

It is a connection that McCullers would assuredly welcome. McCullers has been open to his remembrance of Fernandez with his glove style and shoe in his recent start in Miami.