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3 Astros Things: Operation #BTSOOTR

A look at Alex Bregman’s tweet, the Silver Boot, and J.J. Watt.


Just let this play the entire series against the Rangers.

Alex Bregman gets straight to the point

The Astros were 4-15 against the Rangers in 2016. A fact that fans will have drilled into their heads until they have lobotomy this season. Now is the time for the Astros to make a change about that story line starting with this four-game series.

It appears that Astros third baseman Alex Bregman has added a little more fuel to the fire with a tweet over the weekend:

Besides the fact he misspelled operation, it appears Bregman is calling out the Rangers with hashtag Beat The Shit Out Of The Rangers. Or maybe it's a coincidence? Probably not, it seems more like a variation on #BTHO saying from the fighting Texas A&M Aggies.

Either way, it's fun rallying cry for the Astros after the “come and take it” diabolical.

Oh and Mr. Bregman, you need to pick up it up if you’re calling out the division champ — batting .250 (21x84) with five doubles and six RBIs.

Battle for the Silver Boot

The Silver Boot trophy is in town for the start of the Astros-Rangers series. The Astros have only won the award 4 of the 16 series, but it is still a cool award.

Maybe I am corny and enjoy trophies. But I wanted an excuse to have the trophy on the list. The quality of the boot is great and hopefully, the Astros can bring it home this year.

Go see it out in centerfield tonight...

Even J.J. gets nervous

If you missed it, J.J. Watt threw out the first pitch in Saturday’s game between the Astros and Athletics. Watt slung it right on target to starter Dallas Keuchel no problem.

But Watt admitted that he was nervous throwing the pitch, and didn’t want to show up as a low light on highlight shows.

It’s fun to see the three-time NFL defensive player of the year be human for a moment. Now we just need Deshaun Watson to throw out the first pitch soon.