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Houston Astros News: April 8, 2017

Your one-stop shop for Houston Astros and news from around the league for Saturday, April 8, 2017.

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Houston Astros News

Royals 5, Astros 1: A win! A real, actual win! - Royals Review
1-3 never felt so good.

Royals defeat Astros 5-1 for first win of 2017 | FOX Sports
Jason Vargas picked up his first win since June 2015 as the Kansas City Royals defeated the Houston Astros 5-1 on Friday night.

Astros offense remains stale in series-opening loss to Royals - Houston Chronicle
The offensive drought continues.

Don't Panic! The Astros Are Fine | Houston Press
The Astros are off to a 3-1 start the season. The offense is having problems hitting with guys in scoring position, but the pitching is in good shape.

Astros garnering best TV ratings in years - Houston Chronicle
The Astros couldn't make it four in a row against the Mariners on Thursday night, but they're still off to their best start in years in terms of television viewership.

MLB News

Rich Hill is on the DL with a blister (again) -
Saturday’s Say Hey, Baseball includes another blister for Hill, a great catch by Lorenzo Cain, and a debate on stats and scoreboards.

The 5 players in the NL West who matter the most -
These are the most interesting and crucial players of the National League West. Pay a little extra attention to them.

If Yasiel Puig is back, the NL West is in trouble -
Friday’s Say Hey, Baseball looks at the possible resurgence of Yasiel Puig, the Trailerblazer Series, and the NL Central’s five most important players.

Diamondbacks fan catches foul ball with one bare hand while balancing popcorn and phone in other -
No spills!