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Umpire pranks a young Astros fan

Sorry kid, I need that ball back. Just kidding.

Umpires are not known to be the joking type. But third base umpire Laz Diaz must have been in a playful mood on Wednesday during the Astros-Mariners game.

Astros outfielder Josh Reddick gave a ball to a young Astros fan that was along the left field railing. A normal occurrence and probably the moment of the young Astro fan’s life.

The young fan turned to go back to his seat and bask in the glow of his new prize with I assume his family. Until Diaz stepped in...

Diaz asked for the ball and you can see the joy drain from the little fan’s face. Diaz took the ball and examined it. Then Diaz turned back around and gave it back the ball after a short scare.

Good one Laz. The two shared a fist bump after the ball was returned.

So now this kid has a video to show off in high school and say he was in a viral video: