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Things got weird last night in the Astros-Mariners game

There was Wooooos, #RallyPups, and upgrades

The Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners reached the 13th inning last night. On the surface, there is nothing special about that fact. Unless you were paying attention to Twitter during the game which meant last night was a strange sliver of #WeirdBaseball.

The night began with the Rangers blowing a lead in the ninth inning and the gift of this very sad Rangers fan:

Another shot of Brian McCann and Evan Gattis (in that order if you were wondering)...

The game entered extra innings and #rallypups began:

And TCB’s own Max...

Here are a few other good ones...

Then the wooos started at the ballpark. Astros fans started the Ric Flair chant was heard loud and clear on the broadcast:

Which apparently is a TCU baseball thing?

And this dancing fan came into our lives:

Of course, George Springe ended the night with a home run.

And I end this madness of last night with the crown jewel of tweets that pulls it all together: