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Astros set opening day lineup, start Aoki

Evan Gattis to the bench.

Houston Astros Photo Day Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

There weren't many questions surrounding the Houston Astros Opening Day roster. The players who would fill the 25 spots were known, but the real question was who would get the start on Opening Day.

Astros manager A.J. Hinch had to main options both involved starting Carlos Beltran, it would be either at designated hitter or left field. If Beltran played in left field, catcher Evan Gattis would get the start at the designated hitter. If Beltran was at designated hitter, Norichika Aoki would get the start in left field.

Hinch went with door No. 2. Aoki is starting in left and Beltran is at designated hitter.

It doesn’t appear to be a play for an advantage against the Mariners starter Felix Hernandez. Aoki is 0-for-4 against King Felix and Gattis is 2-for-9 with a home run — one of only two Astros to have a home run against Hernandez (Marwin Gonzalez is the other).