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3 Astros Things: Opening Day 2017

Get your caps, hashtags and messages from outer space.

3 Things White

This track is overplayed for baseball but it’s opening day — so it’s perfect.

It’s opening day and 3 Astros things returns from its winter slumber and of course all three things are about opening day.

The official Astros hashtag is #Astros

Good Morning America announced over the weekend with Major League Baseball announced the official hashtags their corresponding emojis for all 30 teams.

The Astros is a very plain #Astros, but it could have been worse — it could be #LonestarGrit. (cough, cough, cough) Looking at you Rangers.

Now every tweet posted with #Astros will have an Astro logo. Which is something?

Caps on

MLB’s newest campaign for Opening Day is #CapsOn.

Of course, the Astros are following along:

This “thing” is really just an excuse to see your caps. I want to see what cap you're wearing on opening day. Leave them in the comments:

From outer space......

The city of Houston is deeply connected with the Space program. Houston was one of the first words said on the moon. These facts are not new to Houstonians and one of the reasons the Astros are called the Astros.

So of course, the Astros got a special message from an actual astronaut currently in space:

If that doesn’t get you ready for opening day I don't know what will?