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2017 Draft Pool Allotments Revealed

The Astros, thanks to 5 top 100 picks, remain in the middle of the pack in terms of available draft dollars

Tampa Bay Rays v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Jim Callis released a piece on yesterday that is well worth a read in full. In it, he breaks down the draft pick allotments for every team in Major League Baseball, and once again the Astros have a reasonably good sized chunk of the pie thanks to the penalties received as a result of Chris Correa’s hacking of the Astros Ground Control Database while employed in a senior position with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Astros are slated to have the 11th most money available in the MLB this year at $9,039,600.00 and will make five selections in the first 100 picks. The team will select at pick numbers 15, 53, 56, 75, and 91, which will all happen within the first three rounds of the draft on June 12th, 2017.

The Minnesota Twins ($14,156,800.00) easily have the most financial muscle this summer, followed by the Cincinnati Reds and the Tampa Bay Rays. The St. Louis Cardinals, thanks to losing their picks from the aforementioned hacking fiasco and also by virtue of having forfeited a first round draft pick when they signed Dexter Fowler, have an available draft pool of just $2,176,000.00, which is easily the smallest amount available of any team this year.

As usual, you can find extensive draft coverage here at TCB in the weeks leading up to the draft. Please feel free to leave your requests for draft-eligible amateur profiles you’d like to see in the comments section, if you wish.