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Carlos Correa doing some fielding practice with his puppy, Groot

Prepare for your eyes to melt with cuteness.

Spring Training is soon to be over. But there was still time to get a little field work in. Puppy field work that is.

Carlos Correa has been flooding his Instagram with his newest addition to his family this year, a Pomsky named Groot. GROOT! YES, THAT GROOT. That fact alone is a cuteness overload.

But a video of Correa playing with Groot on the practice field at The Ballpark at the Palm Beaches will put you into a cuteness coma.

Groot wants to be just like his dad⚾️ Groot quiere ser como su papá ⚾️

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Groot shows great range snagging the ball right at second base and returning to Correa. Groot is a 12/10 dog, would pet endlessly. A good dog. A very good dog.

The next move, of course, is to get more of Groot around the team during the season. Bat dog? Ball dog? Who says no? We need more Groot at Minute Maid Park. Who’s with me?

We need more Groot.