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Astros prospect Cionel Perez to start season in extended spring training

Houston Chronicle’s Jake Kaplan is reporting Cuban prospect Cionel Perez will continue to ease into his MILB debut.

World Baseball Classic - Pool E - Game 5 - Netherlands v Cuba Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Cionel Perez has had a bumpy start to his time in Major League Baseball.

The 20-year-old Cuban defector signed with the Astros in September for $5.15 million signing bonus, only to have that contract voided over health concerns. And then resign with the Astros in December for $2 million.

Now he won’t be heading to a minor league affiliate right off the bat coming out of his first Spring Training with the Astros, reports Houston Chronicle's Jake Kaplan. Kaplan spoke with assistant general manager Mike Elias, who said the timetable is "hopeful on the sooner side."

Perez will start the season in extended spring training in West Palm Beach.

Elias also noted that Perez pitched in his first minor league game on Sunday, hitting 93-to-94 with regularity and topping out at 96.

Another interesting factoid with Astros resigning Perez after they voiding the previous contract, Perez will be subject to the Rule 5 draft if not added to the 40-man roster next offseason.