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Starting Nine: 2017 Astros Season Predictions

TCB Staff makes their predictions for the 2017 Astros and AL Playoffs

MLB: New York Yankees at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We previously released our bold predictions for the season, but now it’s time to dial it back a bit and consider what we can reasonably expect from these 2017 Astros. Who better to provide such accurate prognostications than our very own TCB staff?

Astros Top Performers

We split this up by starting pitching, relief pitching, offensive player, overall MVP, and rookie of the year. Every category except rookie of the year was basically a show-down between 2 players, with Gurriel being the clear favorite for ROY honors.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Astros Top Performers

Writer Starter Reliever Offense MVP ROY
Writer Starter Reliever Offense MVP ROY
AstrosFuture McCullers Giles Correa Correa Martes/Gurriel
JasonMarbach McCullers Giles Correa Correa Paulino/Laureano
leistomania409 McCullers Devenski Correa Correa Gurriel
stephon146 Keuchel Harris Altuve Altuve Gurriel
nreck13 Keuchel Gregerson Correa Springer Gurriel
painting_the_corners404 McCullers Gregerson Altuve Altuve Paulino
Brian Stevenson McCullers Giles Altuve Correa Gurriel
Anthony Boyer McCullers Gregerson Altuve Altuve Reed
Alwaysagoodwin McHugh Harris Bregman Bregman Gurriel
David Coleman Keuchel Gregerson Altuve Altuve Fisher
CRPerry13 Keuchel Giles Springer Springer Guduan
Irish Pete Keuchel Devenski Beltran Correa Gurriel
HOF4BGO Keuchel Giles Correa Correa Gurriel

Other Astros Predictions

Besides overall performance, we considered a couple stats (batting average, home run total), who might be a surprise fans this year, and which player the Astros will land at the deadline. George Springer, who trailed only Evan Gattis in the HR column last year, is the clear favorite to take home that title. Meanwhile Altuve, who has led the team in batting average since... well since Hunter Pence left the team, was the no-brainer pick for keeping that title.

I guess it makes sense that the picks for Surprise player would vary so much since... you know... we will be surprised by whoever it is. Finally, the picks for mid-season acquisition are all starting pitchers, though a few writers felt a trade deadline blockbuster wouldn’t be necessary.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Astros Predictions

Writer Most HRs Highest BA Surprise Mid-Season Acquisition
Writer Most HRs Highest BA Surprise Mid-Season Acquisition
AstrosFuture Springer Altuve Gustave Quintana
JasonMarbach Springer What is BA? Reed None
leistomania409 Springer Altuve Fiers Duffy
stephon146 Beltran Altuve Gurriel None
nreck13 Springer Altuve Paulino Archer
painting_the_corners404 Springer Altuve Aoki Quintana
Brian Stevenson Correa Altuve Morton Quintana
Anthony Boyer Springer Altuve Reed Rodgers
Alwaysagoodwin Gattis Bregman Moran Arrieta
David Coleman Springer Altuve Bregman Archer
CRPerry13 Springer Altuve Morton None
Irish Pete Springer Bregman White Pineda
HOF4BGO Springer Altuve Fisher Quintana

Team Record and World Series Predictions

Our final Astros questions were probably what we all care about the most. Just how many games will this team win, and do they have what it takes to win the 2017 World Series?

All of our writers expect this team to finish better than the 2016 Astros, with 54% predicting 89-92 wins, 23% predicting 93-96 wins, and the final 23% predicting 98-102 wins for the 2017 Astros.

A couple writers recused themselves from answering whether or not the 2017 Astros will win the World Series, but 54% of those who responded believe they will. CRPerry13 provided the best analysis:

American League Awards

Moving on to the bigger league-wide picture, we asked our writers to predict who would take home the shiny American League hardware after the books close on the 2017 season. Perennial candidate Mike Trout looks like the favorite for MVP, while Andrew Benintendi captured most of the ROY votes. The Cy Young votes were pretty spread out with only one Astros pitcher getting a vote (and would you look who cast that vote).

MLB: Houston Astros-Media Day Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

AL Awards

Writer Cy Young MVP ROY
Writer Cy Young MVP ROY
AstrosFuture Carrasco Correa Benintendi
JasonMarbach Sale Trout Benintendi
leistomania409 Kluber Lindor Gurriel
stephon146 Stroman Trout Benintendi
nreck13 Darvish Trout Benintendi
painting_the_corners404 Verlander Trout Benintendi
Brian Stevenson Archer Trout Gurriel
Anthony Boyer Sanchez Trout Zimmer
Alwaysagoodwin Stroman Betts Lopez
David Coleman Kluber Altuve Moncada
CRPerry13 Sale Springer Benintendi
Irish Pete Sale Trout Gurriel
HOF4BGO Keuchel Correa Benintendi

AL Playoffs

Finally, TCB staff predicted which teams will be playing October baseball in 2017. There wasn’t much disagreement about division winners, but the two wild cards always keep things interesting.

AL Playoffs

Writer East Central West WC #1 WC #2
Writer East Central West WC #1 WC #2
AstrosFuture Red Sox Indians Astros Blue Jays Mariners
JasonMarbach Red Sox Indians Astros Blue Jays Mariners
leistomania409 Red Sox Indians Astros Mariners Orioles
stephon146 Red Sox Indians Astros Mariners Blue Jays
nreck13 Red Sox Tigers Astros Indians Blue Jays
painting_the_corners404 Red Sox Indians Astros Rangers Rays
Brian Stevenson Red Sox Indians Astros Blue Jays Royals
Anthony Boyer Blue Jays Indians Mariners Astros Orioles
Alwaysagoodwin Red Sox Indians Astros Blue Jays Mariners
David Coleman Blue Jays Indians Astros Royals Mariners
CRPerry13 Red Sox Indians Astros Blue Jays Mariners
Irish Pete Red Sox Tigers Astros Blue Jays Indians
HOF4BGO Red Sox Indians Astros Mariners Rangers

So... what do you think? Comment below with your predictions and we’ll check back in November to see who got it right!