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Astros broadcast Todd Kalas plays tribute to his father with home run call

For one day, Kalas’ home run call was “that ball is in Astro Orbit.”

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Todd Kalas is in his first season as the Astros full-time television play-by-play broadcaster at Spring Training. Kalas took a moment to honor his late father and hall of fame broadcaster Harry Kalas during Sunday’s broadcast.

Harry Kalas started his major league broadcasting career in 1965 with the Astros, before moving on to Philadelphia to call the Phillies in 1971. During his six seasons with the Astros, Harry had a specific call for Astros home runs: “That ball is in Astro Orbit.”

Todd said on Twitter on Sunday to honor his father’s 81st birthday he would use the call for the Astros first home run.

Kalas had to wait until till the third inning as Jake Marisnick blasted a ball over the wall against Gio Gonzalez.

He got a second chance to use the call with Marwin Gonzales in the fourth inning.

Kalas said that this was a one-time thing and he won’t use the home run call again, but either way, it's still a touching moment to listen to.