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Dallas Keuchel named as Astros Opening Day starter

For the third year in a row, the beard will take the mound in game No. 1.

Cleveland Indians v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Dallas Keuchel has come along during his time with the Houston Astros. He has gone from being taken out of the starting rotation in 2013 to a Cy-Young award winner in 2015. He can now add another honor to his meteoric rise with the Astros, he is now a three-time Opening Day starter.

Astros manager, A.J. Hinch announced Keuchel would start on Monday, April 3 against the Seatle Mariners on Opening Day.

Keuchel, 29, has victories both of his previous Opening Day starts. He shut out the Indians for seven innings, allowing just three hits, walking three and striking out four in a 2-0 win at home over the Indians in 2015. Keuchel repeated his 2015 Wild Card success by allowing just two runs over seven innings in a 5-3 win over the Yankees last season.

Keuchel also has the factor of tenure in his favor. Keuchel is younger than Mike Fiers and Charlie Morton, but he been the Astros longest among the team’s starting pitchers (a 2009 draft pick by the Astros). Not to mention the fact that he is the most successful pitcher by far, winning the AL Cy Young award in 2015.

Keuchel was a clear choice. Bring on the beard.