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Site news: Astros Future joins TCB

One of the biggest voices on #AstrosTwitter joins The Crawfish Boxes.

The Houston Astros are busy at work preparing for the 2017 season in West Palm Beach. At the same time, The Crawfish Boxes have been busy trying to build up the writing staff to bring the best Astros blogger content on the internet.

With that in mind, TCB is proud to announce the addition of Jimmy Price, creator/owner of @AstrosFuture/ Mr. Price has joined to help out our current staff in writing about Astros prospects and minor league teams.

Price said of the move:

"I am very excited to work with the group of writers here at TCB. Hopefully, I can add some more great content to the minor league portion of the site."

Price grew up in Galveston and served in the Air Force until 2011. He always had a passion for baseball, so much so that he has done scorekeeping and announcing for a little league team in years past. He created the @astrosfuture twitter, updating everything Astros minor league on a regular basis over the past few seasons. He created his own site in April 2016.

I couldn’t be happier to add Jimmy to our staff and please everyone welcome him.

Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @Astrosfuture.